Deputy RDC beaten up by police officer during curfew time

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Deputy Resident Commissioner Ibanda District, Mr Seif Katabazi, addressing members of public on Covid-19 recently in Ibanda town. Photo | Courtesy

By Felix Ainebyoona

The Deputy Resident Commissioner Ibanda District, Mr Seif Katabazi, was on Sunday evening beaten up by one of the police officers deployed to implement curfew.

Mr Katabazi who was posted to Ibanda District in January 2021, said he was at his home located along Jubilee Street in Kagongo division in Ibanda municipality when he heard people making a lot of noise at around 7pm and when he moved out to see what was happening, he was not spared.

“I questioned one of the officers and he told me that they were telling people to close shops and they were refusing. I told them not to use force but rather allow me to talk to the people to close, but as I was still supervising locals closing their shops, another police group came and one police officer who is yet to be identified started clobbering me without questioning,” he narrated.

“So, another group of police officers came in, one police officer found me on the road, he never waited for me to explain that I was the deputy RDC but rather started beating me. Even after identifying myself, he did not stop beating me until an officer ordered him to stop,” Mr Katabazi added.

He said the issues have since been sorted out, but wonders if an RDC can be beaten, what then happens to a common Ugandan who is not known anywhere.

“I cautioned them to always apply common sense while implementing the guidelines,” Mr Katabazi said. Advertisement

The Rwizi Regional Police Spokesperson, Samson Kasasira, said the police officers have guidelines to follow while implementing presidential directives and that they are investigating the matter to find out the truth.

“As police, we will investigate the matter conclusively and find out what exactly went on then before we take action,” he said.

Source Daily Monitor.

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