Did Dr Samateh Take The Next Steps?

Mamos Media

By Simon Sabally

For me, Dr. Samateh’s leadership virtues must be measured by the administrative due processes he took to deal with issues of his Ministry. For example:

  1. ​when his name appeared on the list for allowances and he ordered for deletion of his name, what administrative actions did he take against the ‘culprits’?
  2. ​why did he step down to the level of subordinate dtaff to participate in the preparation of an allowance list?

3.​ what displinary actions did he take against the staffers who bloated the list with ghost names? Why did he not report them to the investigative authority?

  1. ​why did he fail to bring up the issues of the ministry when he appeared before National Assembly Special Select-Committee responsible for the monitoring of the SoPE?
  2. ​did he ever bring up the issues of the ‘recalcitrant staffers’ to his principal for redress?
  3. ​with his strong assertion of corruption by the ministry’s staffers, did he ever commission an internal inquiry or lay a complaint to the National Assembly Select Committee on Health or the police?
  4. ​why did he not request for the auditing/reauditing of, for example Ebola funds, by the national audit office?
  5. ​what internal controls did he put in place to deal with the issues in the ministry?

It appears that Dr. Samateh has never dealt with the NEXT STEPS!

Note: Dr. Samateh is not a whistleblower as he was, and still in the position to take the appropriate and lawful steps/actions to deal with the ‘endemic issues’ in his Ministry.

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