‘Don’t believe’ Taliban propaganda on women’s rights, first female Afghan air force pilot says Niloofar Rahmani says

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Fatoumatta: Facts speak for themselves; you cannot turn a monkey into a model!
Alagi Yorro Jallow
The woman in these pictures is Niloofar Rahmani, the first female fighter pilot in Afghanistan. However, instead of being celebrated, the Taliban sent her death threats to defy their rigid order not to go to school, let alone become a military pilot.
She was living under death threats for months. She and her family had to change addresses to avoid the Taliban’s violent retaliation. Finally, when she realized she could not afford to permanently live under the shadows of death threats, she sought political asylum in the United States. The former Obama administration readily accepted her request.
Her experience is a reality; it is not your imaginary western propaganda. Is denying women the right to go to school achievement? Is denying them the right to read any courses of their choice a sign of progress? Ironically, these extremists do not want male doctors to attend to their wives because it might violate their privacy. How can you stop your women from going to school to study medicine and at the same time complain about male doctors attending to your wives? You cannot eat your cake and have it.
Fatoumatta: The Taliban have squeezed the life out of Afghan society. You want to tell me that such tyranny of ruling people against their will is better than the western democratic model. Leading people by military conquest rather than election cannot be better than western democracy.No western democracy will threaten a woman with death for going to school. No western democracy will treat its citizens as slaves. No western democracy will chop off the fingers of people to prevent them from voting. No western democracy will bomb political campaign rallies and kill innocent people. No western democracy will stop women from working because some roles are strictly meant for women. Funny enough that extremists who sell opium for profits have the guts to send poor Muslims to jail for not keeping beards.
Fatoumatta: So Muslims in Afghanistan do not deserve infrastructure and social services? Don’t they deserve freedom? Women do not deserve the freedom to pursue their dreams? Shouldn’t people watch television or play sports? If television is a sinful western creation, why are the Taliban leaders using modern gadgets of communication? They should be using donkeys, camels, horses, swords, and bow and arrows in their warfare instead of using Hilux trucks, AK-47s, RPGs, bombs, grenades, and other modern weapons. The greatest deceit is to pretend that Taliban tyrannical rule is better than western democracy.

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