Dr Besigye revives Plan B, calls for united opposition

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Opposition politician Kizza Besigye addresses a press conference at the People’s Government offices on Katonga Road in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO | RACHEL MABALA.

By Franklin Draku & Prossy Kisakye

Four-time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye and Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party leader Patrick Oboi Amuriat yesterday called upon the Opposition forces and Ugandans to unite and cause a regime change in the country.

The duo vowed not to use violence but instead pursue democratic means to achieve their agenda.
“Before this election, when we said we shall use two fronts including Plan B, the regime in its usual war mongering started drumming that we want to cause war. We have been clear from the beginning that we shall not use violence to cause regime change. We could have gone to war, just like Museveni did, but that is not the path we have chosen,”  Dr Besigye said.

The two leaders were addressing a joint press conference whose objective was to evaluate FDC’s performance and devising the next course of action at the People’s Government offices on Katonga Road in Kampala.

“I think the 2021 elections indeed confirmed to those who may not have been convinced that what we have in Uganda is nothing but a military junta,” Dr Besigye said.
According to the leaders, Ugandans have been reduced to slaves in their own country and it is time to reclaim their citizenship.

Dr Besigye said reclaiming the lost rights should be the focus of Ugandans, instead of fighting for political positions as he urged Ugandans to join the struggle and not leave it to a few leaders.

“This struggle we have is not limited to the political groupings you know. This struggle is for every single citizen of this country, this is not a partisan struggle. This struggle is for all of us because we are captives and all our property is owned by those with guns,” Dr Besigye said.

He added: “If people unite and decide what to do, it will not take two weeks to remove the junta and if what is going on is not sufficient reason enough to remove this regime, then maybe nothing will happen,” he added.

Mr Amuriat, who was one of the presidential candidates in the 2021 General Election, said as a party, they decided that they will never go to court again, but use other means to achieve their political mission.

“The only means left for us is to pursue a nonviolent action against the junta will be going in this struggle in association with the people of Uganda and also call on democracy-loving people of Uganda to join us,” Mr Amuriat said.

Warns foreign money lenders
Dr Besigye also took a swipe at international bodies and money lenders he accused of siding with oppressors to terrorise Ugandans.

He said the international bodies have continued to fund the President and his military to extend their stay in power and cause more havoc.

“The presidents of the East African Community  and their people must not sit and watch as all this terror is going on in Uganda simply to keep one man in office. Why are we in EAC then, does it have any sense? Why are we in the African Union, what are they doing about this?” Dr Besigye questioned.

“I saw today that EU is visiting Kyagulanyi. This is not time for visiting. Visiting and then what? There must be clear action. We cannot keep on talking, it must be time for action,” he added.

Dr Besigye challenged the international bodies lending money to Uganda that they will operate at a loss if they continue to lend money to the current regime.

He accused the government of misusing the funds they receive from the donors to buy military equipment to terrorise Ugandans.

Source Daily Monitor.

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