Dr Ceesay-The Super Issue of Left/Right Political Categorisation

Mamos Media

By Bokar Bah

The key issues to the categorisation of Left – Right in politics are economic interventionism, and economic egalitarianism. The Right-Wing supports laissez-faire economic principles, while left-Wing supports an active government in an economy.

Scholars have pointed out that egalitarianism is the core of the left–right economic dimension. The left advocates for social change towards greater equality. This includes political, economic or social equality. However, the right-wing opposes change for greater equality. The right believes that inequalities reward good performance, while the left favours a more equal redistribution of resources.

In short, these are deeply researched political variables that differ from one country to another. What I found interesting in Dr. Ceesay`s argument is his assertion that PDOIS is a far left, and his dismissal of our ‘Cooperative Model’.

I am not sure whether Dr. Ceesay has carefully reviewed the PDOIS cooperative model, before concluding that the party is a far left. I believe that he should expand on his notion of a far left, in view of PDOIS` policies and programmes.

I also believe that the PDOIS cooperative model implies that, the party is not a far left (total state intervention), but it takes into consideration of the Gambian context, which is supported by empirical data. This means that even the private sector will grow under a PDOIS government.

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