Dr. Mills Jones Names Clergyman Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves As Running Mate

Mamos Media

By Julius Konton, MamosTV Liberia

More shocking political news are emerging in Liberia ahead of crucial October 10, 2017 elections, as the former Central Bank Governor of Liberia Dr. Mills Jones has surprisingly selected Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves, pastor of the Providence Baptist Church as his running mate in the Presidential Election.

The Movement for Economic Empowerment’s [MOVEE] political leader, Dr. Jones believes that Dr. Samuel Reeves is the best choice to be his vice president. He said the political partnership with Dr. Reeves is predicated upon the same vision both of them share for Liberia’s transformation process.

Dr. Mills Jones is a Liberian economist that served over 10 years as Governor of Central Bank of Liberia. He used the resources of the country to give loans to market women, business people, and students which sparked huge debate over his sincerity for giving out the loans. He repeatedly told newsmen that he believes in economic empowerment, and that using the resources of the country on its citizens is the best way to alleviate poverty from Liberia.

Dr. Jones believes that he and his running mate will transform the country, and will alleviate poverty in the country through economic empowerment.

In the midst of the current decision by Dr.Samuel Reeves to part take the 2017 politics; Some Liberians believe that the latest decision by Rev Reeves to join MOVEE as a running mate to Dr. Jones could further divide the Baptist Church as its members has different political affiliations.

The Bishop turned politician is considered to be one of the outstanding men of God in Liberia, but will he maintain his pastoral duty in the midst of his current position as a politician, many political analysts continue to debate his decision.

It could be recalled the Code of Conduct which compels government officials to resign 3 years prior to the individual contesting for any elected office position, is a policy which could stop Dr. Jones and other government officials from participating in the October 10, 2017 elections.

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