‘Draft Constitution was a Barrow project, not GD’s’ – says Kah

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Deputy Party Leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Ahmadou Kah, has said that the Draft Constitution was a coalition government’s project and not the GDC’s.

“At the planning stage GDC made it clear that the most important thing to our country at that time was to amend the 1997 constitution and we were made enemy of the state by the coalition government headed by President Barrow just for saying that,” he said.

Kah made this statement at a press conference held at the Baobab Hotel in Bijilo on Thursday which was aimed at clearing the party’s stance to the public regarding the expulsion of two of its NAMs (Salifu Jawo of Jokadu and Kebba Jallow of Jarra Central.)

According to him, the GDC has service rules and a code of conduct that people that serve in the party are expected to live with. He revealed that one of those rules state that the moment somebody wins an election under the GDC ticket as a member of parliament, the person automatically becomes a member of the central executive committee of the GDC. He added that the same code of conduct states that no executive member should be absent from executive meetings for three consecutive times without giving a tangible reason for doing so.

“Executive members, especially members of parliament should be paying contributions to the party to support the party financially as most parties around the world do. The two members of parliament never did anything for the party and never advanced to the party any reason for not doing so and why they have never been attending our meetings for over one year now,” Kah disclosed.

“During the bye-election in Kerr Jarga ward in Jarra Central, Salifu Jawo publicly campaigned against the GDC candidate and made mention that he was with the Barrow camp, adding that Barrow had an agenda that was better than that of the GDC,” he continued.

“They are expelled from the party because they have not been representing the party and have not appeared in GDC’s platforms or rallies for the past two years,” he revealed.

When asked about his view on the Draft Constitution, Kah said “It is Barrow and his government that instituted a Constitution Review Commission and gave them the mandate to bring us a new constitution. It was they who used public resources and the media to lobby for funds to advance and present a new Constitution to the Gambian public and not GDC,” he noted.

According to him, after the work was conducted and the report sent to them upon going through it, they saw a lot of good in it and of course supported it by going public to make it clear that GDC was in full support of the new constitution.


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