‘ECOMIG will serve a different purpose in a UDP gov’t’ – Darboe

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, has said that the ECOWAS Mission in The Gambia (ECOMIG) will serve a different purpose in a UDP government and priority will be given to the Gambian security forces.

Darboe made this statement during a press briefing on Tuesday at his residence in Kairaba Avenue.

“Gambian forces will be guarding me and if they feel they want to kill me, let them kill me but the ECOMIC soldiers will not be my bodyguards,” Darboe said. He added that the state of affairs that people are living now cannot be allowed to continue.

 “Our security personnel could have done better if they were given the right equipment to do their job,” he went on, adding that most of our men and women in uniform do not have proper communication facilities that will ease the burden on them when exercising their duties.

The UDP leader said the security forces are willing to do their job but they are handicap. “Most of the police stations in the country do not have motorcycles, and not to talk of vehicles that will facilitate their movements,” he adds.

The former Gambian Vice President said many officials from our security institutions are retiring because they are not motivated. “A UDP government will motivate the police and will boost their capacities,” he said.

He further said measures need to be taken to address the crime rate in the country. He said people have been witnessing violent crime such as burglary, robbery, theft, and killings, among other violence in our communities.

“A UDP government will ensure continuous training for all security forces in the country,” Darboe said, adding: “We will encourage our partners from other countries to come and help train our security forces.”

Darboe alleged that the country is not making any meaningful plans for those who are deported from Europe with some of them being engaged in crimes and drug abuse. He added that issues of crime and drug abuse need to be addressed immediately and measures created to ensure young people desist from embarking on the ‘back way’ journey.

According to him, it is not possible to eliminate crime completely, but strong measures need to be put in place. He stated that if the police are given the right mobility and equipment, they can keep the country safe and secured. He said the police will enjoy all that they deserve and other institutions will be jealous of the police because they will be well equipped and motivated.


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