Education Minister Says Gambian Teachers Are Heroes

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Ms. Claudiana Ayo Cole, has praised Gambian teachers as heroes and heroines of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education MoBSE.

“Yes indeed they are heroes of MOBSE, these are the very people sacrificing their lives boarding vehicles attending distance educational programmes. They are out of their homes since the very second day that COVID-19 was announced in the Gambia. Most of them were travelling in commercial vehicles to visit stage centers to prepare the lessons on the television and radio while some people were into hiding,” the Education Minister stated.

Minister Cole has made these remarks during a press conference held at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology institute situated along the Bartil Hardin Highway. 

“These teachers were out and about for months. They were very brave and I want to call them as the ‘heroes of MoBSE’. Yes indeed they were heroes. COVID-19 was something that none of us knew about. It is only now that we are beginning to understand how to keep ourselves. It is a very abnormal and challenging situation but we are told how to prevent ourselves,” Ms Cole said. 

On his part, Mr Mod Secka, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology, called on parents to invest in their children’s education.

“Let us endavour to invest in our children, regardless of who you are or what you think you are just do something on the educational path of that young girl and boy in the rural or urban Gambia. And tomorrow, you will be proud of your investment because that child would be doing marvellously good not only for his or her family but society at large,” he concludes.

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