Essa Faal’s online Loyalists Should Learn from Halifa and Dr.Ismaila Ceesay’s Citizen Alliance Online Loyalists of Maturity and Tolerance and Desist from “Saagaaa and Hassstee.”

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Halifa Sallah’s capital: intelligence, simplicity, integrity, Maturity, leadership, sound moral, and ethical stock: PDOIS and CA loyalists have no politics of arrogance, a knee-jerk “Saagaa and hasstee.” in their DNA.
Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: Presidential hopefuls are fond of passionately sermonizing with the phrase, “When I am president, I will…” However, passion without ability is fruitless. Presidents are elected, not crowned. Power does not stem from lowering the boom or engaging in a cavalcade of empty promises. Intolerance is the Gambia’s real threat to our democracy. How we can fight it together. We must argue, debate and deliberate in good faith. However, we must be willing to listen, learn and change our minds.
When unchecked, these anti-democratic beliefs will kill the host of our country that nourishes them. Therefore, as citizens, it is our duty and challenge to weed out the tyrannical, authoritarian, and anarchist tendencies in ourselves and within others. This is our common ground where we commit to the values of democracy and become tolerant of other viewpoints.
In choosing democracy, we must exhibit tolerance for ideas with which we disagree. When we choose intolerance, we leave our democratic values behind, which is the natural enemy of our Constitution. We must argue, debate and deliberate in good faith. Furthermore, we must be willing to listen, learn and change our minds. What is essential is the survival of our democratic values, as detailed in our Constitution. We are in the process of re-imagining how those values will be embodied in the next 50 years. Moreover, we need to help each other as we work through the hard questions that the process raises. We need to stand arm-in-arm to defend the ideals and values of democracy and to face down our true common enemy: intolerance.
Fatoumatta: Today’s laudable resistance to “taf yengal human rights defenders and some Sosalasso in addition to few tangal cheeb” politicians” arrogance of power is nothing new. However, by successfully resisting former President Yahya Jammeh’s twenty-two years of crudeness, we advocated against ways to defuse political arrogance that paved the way for any aspiring Presential candidate willing to remember that they should not become vassals of an arrogant center with irrational powers. The ultimate antidote for political arrogance is political humility, a branch of intellectual humility vital to healthy democratic politics.
Fatoumatta: Why is the pathetic nation of political eunuchs followers of President Essa Mbye Faal on social media appears not to know how to marshal self-realization democratic legitimacy, political speech, and viewpoint neutrality, and democratic standard and principles what it means. They should be concerned that democracy in the digital age needs the essential tools and resources to rid the deepening ruinous political development and political decay instead of raining insults on social media. Eventually, President Essa Faal wants to be President of the Gambia on December 4th presidential polls, considering external and internal challenges. Presidential leadership is changing critical political-economic structures, mainly by prioritizing creativity and democratic experimentation?
Politicians’ political argument must be centered on liberating supporters and surrogates to hammer on the theme of reconciliation and tolerance of national unity, often in theological terms. When today’s hatred seems ineradicable, it is disheartening to remember how far Gambians have come since 2016. Humans may be wired to need some faith, but we are not fated to be fanatics. President Essa Mbye Faal’s reward must not be the everlasting silence of all Gambians, even beyond the river Gambia. Instead, we should all submit ourselves uncritically to his every whim, his every caprice, his every political calculus. We should just become eternally grateful citizens of the nebulous empire President Essa’s supporters are building, no questions asked. To ask any question is to attract the ire of his supporters who mass in and rain insults on the critical questioner, blind as they are to the essence and meaning of democratic citizenship.
Fatoumatta: Democratic citizenship starts with our fundamental right to ask questions and probe the practices and politics of any participant in the political destiny of our country. If you are selling a political hero, democratic citizenship starts with our right to haggle, critically examine the product you are attempting to sell to us, and ask questions about your product’s provenance, usefulness, and durability. Questions of worth and value are pertinent. To put it in popular Gambian parlance, it is our right to price your market if you sell an infertile goat to us. Pricing your need in this respect means that we can raise grave critical and ethical questions about the fateful principled stance of every politician’s contribution in restoring democratic rule – and increasingly exposing human rights violation – to one man today.
The result is that politicians get to exhibit behavior that we would never allow our children to demonstrate. They stretch, bend, and ignore truth and reality at will. It is sometimes hard to navigate all of the canned nonsense to get to the nitty-gritty, but we need to try. Perhaps these five considerations are a starting point. Candidates lie, sometimes unwittingly, sometimes outrageously. Lies smear other candidates. It pays to be a concerned participant to weed out the liars and exaggerators and keep great candidates drowning in false accusations and fabricated stories. Exposing untruths ensures that those who weave webs of lies to suit their agendas do not win the day.
Likewise, we have the right to ask questions. However, in the end, we need to ask the hard questions and then mark our ballot. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge, not sound-bite rhetoric and pie-in-the-sky campaign promises that have no chance of surviving the campaign. We need to be diligent. We need to be thorough. Furthermore, after learning the good, the bad, and the vision of a candidate, we need to vote with the understanding that our votes have long-term consequences.
Fatoumatta: We have the right to raise the alarm over those tolling embellishment of democracy and to d human rights of every Gambian wants to become President of The Gambia. Since democracy produces an abundance of incompetent and dishonest political leaders who exploit people’s credulity and prejudices and thrives on emotionally driven discourse and fake news, leaders should be scrutinized.
Fatoumatta: Suppose you are selling an infertile goat to us. In that case, we have the right to wonder if you are not asking us to replace the corrupt dictatorship of both Yahya Jammeh and Adama Barrow at the center with the no less evil one-person show of an aspiring emperor. We have the right to ask you to replace the current failed leadership mired with corruption with Essa Faal’s political empire, which is emerging somewhat parallel to and partially existing in decades at the center. When we peep into this emergent political empire of Essa, and we see things injurious to the spirit of democracy, we have the right to ask you questions if you persist in selling that product – we could look at all these things, all these dictatorial tendencies, the recurrence of the word ‘imposition,’ and decide that the corrupt democracy of the past and the present government is better than the ideology of elite state capture, elite hegemony, and fragmentation. At least the pretense of democracy exists with Adama Barrow’s administration. In contrast, there is no room for even democratic pretense with hailers and wailers of President Essa Faal on social media. Indeed, the unfolding outrage with certain politicians has confirmed our long-held suspicion that the system of politics is the most formidable antithesis to democracy in the Gambia now.
Fatoumatta: When bold and patriotic compatriots raise these legitimate issues, President Essa Faal’s social media supporters, who have no liver for debate, resort to knee-jerk “Saagaa and hasstee.” They rain insults and curse and curse again. They bully and intimidate the same people they try to persuade to adopt their “Sosalaaso or tafyengal politics.” However, the very next minute, these devotees of President Essa Faal begin to hold out everyone as an example of democracy to the rest of the country. They purport that the Gambia has lessons to teach the country in democracy and its practices. We always wonder who dashed them the mouth to make such spurious submissions. Until the Gambians deal with the untidy legacy of dictatorial impositions and their long-winding trail of subversion of democratic principles, they must understand that they have lost the mouth to contribute to broader national arguments about democratic ethos. The rest of the country would be justified if they told Gambian what they would not hear.
Fatoumatta: What goes for President Eassa’s supporters also goes for a vast majority of other opposition politician’s supporters. Indeed, PDOIS avowed online loyalists to make President Essa’s supporters look like kindergarten pupils in Nyakoi’s school. Unlike President Essa’s supporters trying to sell a political orisha because their principal is trying to consolidate an empire rather than openly jostling for an elective office, PDOIS online supporters are trying to sell a political candidate jostling for the office of President. They insist on Halifa Sallah’s capital: intelligence, simplicity, integrity, leadership, zero-tolerance of corruption, sound moral, and ethical stock. According to this narrative, corrupt politicians would scamper out of the Gambia were Halifa Sallah ever to be elected President, for he would not spare them.
So far, so good. Things get a bit more complicated for Halifa Sallah and his loyalists the moment you move beyond Halifa’s impeccable personal capital to other things you need to be acceptable to all Gambians irrespective of tribe and creed. Halifa’s loyalists are quick to insist that he is a pan-African, Pan- Gambian statesman. His statements and actions suggest otherwise. When concerned Gambians insist on raising that significant issue, Halifa’s loyalists, unlike President Essa’s supporters, recourse to Saaga and Hasstee’ to sell their product. They curse and curse and curse. They rain insult upon insult on Gambians for being simpletons who cannot understand democracy and freedom of expression.
Fatoumatta: Decades ago, someone wrote an article in Daily Observer advising Halifa and PDOIS leadership to withdraw from politics because they are too good for the Gambia or Gambians are not good enough. The stupidity of claiming that 2 million of us are not good enough for or are undeserving of one of us was not apparent to Halifa loyalists. We have never encountered bellicose variants of insult coming from Halifa Sallah’s army of social media loyalists. The Gambia, they insist, is not ready for him because the Gambia is not good enough for him. However, the Gambians who are being insulted on social media are not Halifa’s loyalists are not the people responsible for the persistent question mark on people’s credentials.
Suffice it to say for now that since President launched his bid for the President of the Gambia and scrutinizing his records and his complicity of silence during Yahya Jammeh’s rule, the insults and curses rained on critics daily by President Essa’s supporters, who are far worse than the treatment from other opposition’s supporters. Our stomach churns whenever we encounter pro-Essa statements starting with such illogicalities as “Essa Mbye Faal is the only living Gambian capable of this and that.” Really? Please! There are 2 million of us. There must be limits to hyperbole.
Furthermore, there is no greater insult than saying that 2 million of us are either too mischievous or too unintelligent to understand the repeated careless statements of your hero. I am loath to have a President of the Gambia who constantly needs the service of the extra-talented geniuses in his core support base to explain his constant stream of misstatements and misspeaks to 2 million unintelligent simpletons. So we must ask the question again: why is it that only fundamentalist loyalists have found the key to understanding President Essa’s statements?
Now to President Essa’s inaction. We must ask his supporters: exactly where is President Essa’s national presence, say, since 1994-2017? His statements, careless or reasonable, mostly get to river Gambia whenever local journalists are lucky enough to monitor an interview he granted those echo chambers.
Fatoumatta: These believers in the President Essa Faal project must understand that their genuine efforts to sell President Essa online are primarily crowded out by the ill-reflected strategies of the more fundamentalist Essa supporters who believe that the best way to sell their product is to insult and bully Gambians constantly. Therefore, my friend and cousin brother in his team and co must understand that their work cut out for them. Not only must they continue to try to sell their product using the time-tested strategies of democratic debate and superior argument, but they must also work harder to convince those who are trying to sell President Essa via insults that they are damaging PresidentEssa’s brand. Furthermore, unless they believe that Essa is infallible, they must be prepared to reach out to their hero, engage him, and see how he could work on the statesman and de-emphasize the irredentist. Accusing those asking questions of ill-will or inability to understand President Essa will not cut it.
Building democracy is not just about the struggle to rid our country of a corrupt, unconscious, and visionless leadership such as we currently have in Number One Marina Parade; it is not just about the struggle to build credible and genuine institutions; it is also mainly about the need to forge, inform, and instruct critical and civic-minded followership. A democracy without followership that questions is doomed. Furthermore, questioning does not mean criticizing President Essa endlessly while being intolerant of any criticism of your political orisha. By resorting ever so often to ‘Sarga and Hastee’ in the marketing of their heroes, too many opposition supporters, including Sonkodu, are endangering democracy. They are part of the problem. They are tolerating democracy only to the extent that their respective heroes shall neither be critiqued, questioned, nor engaged. Those of us whose singular premise is the Gambia – and not sacrosanct heroes – shall not allow this to happen. We shall continue to question, to critique, to engage.
Fatoumatta: Perish the thought that we shall ever allow the emergence of the Gambia. Then, it would be possible for some citizens to crown political orishas that are deemed too good for some undeserving 2 million people. If you belong in the group of workers for the Gambia who are not beholden to any political orisha, then, by all means, continue to raise very pertinent and critical issues whenever and wherever the loyalists of Barrow, Essa, Halifa, and Ousainou sell their heroes on social media. That is the stuff, the essence of democracy. Followers must be able to ask legitimate questions of other followers without being intimidated or insulted. That is the Gambia we envisage and envision. If President Essa Baa Ousainou’s loyalists insult you for asking questions, shrug your shoulders and tell them that insults do not grow on the forehead of the insulted or, as my uncle once advised.

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