Gambia: Fatou Jaw Manneh Tells Lands Minister To Leave Sukuta/Salagi Land

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Fatou Jaw Manneh, a veteran journalist cum activist has warned the minister of Lands and Regional Government (MLRG), Musa Drammeh to get his eyes off their lands in Sukuta.

“Lands Minister get your eyes off our lands. We would follow our lands to the letter. We will leave no stone unturned and would follow all the lands that belong to us. You must pay back our lands or else we will go with you to any level of your choice. Why the greed and grip on our lands? Stop cursing the people of Kombo,” Fatou Jaw Manneh warned the Lands Minister.

According to the Sukuta born actvist, the Government of the Gambia has been scamming its citizenry on the land issue.

“They (government) have scammed and forfeited our lands from us with the promised to build schools. All the people of Sukuta are today crying. Some have cried till death because the little they earned is what they spent to get themselves a land only to have it forfeited by the government. We (the people of Sukuta) are not scared but we just want to be law-abiding citizens as all we know is the communal living system,” she remarked.

Fatou Jaw Manneh has made these pronouncements in a purported WhatsApp audio intercepted by Mamos Media.

“The Government itself is the greatest aggressor and predator when it comes to land matters or land disputes. These are the very people that we entrusted our affairs and run to anytime we have trouble and needed justice. They are the same people following the lands of Sabiji and Salagi. They have jam everything up and bring confusion between us just to have us head logging,” she asserted.

Ms Jaw Manneh calls on the Lands Minister to eschew himself in Sukuta, Salagi land issue, asking whether the minister would go to his own birthplace to sell their lands at random.

“We are aware of the lands that you stole from Sukuta to the Coast Road and will follow them all. We will list all the demolished compounds and make sure the government pays them or compensate their owners. We will do this even if each one would contribute one dalasi to pay for a lawyer and challenge the matter at court. We know the government cannot stand for us, so we will do all it takes to get our lands back,” she concluded.  

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