Embrace Convergence in Media & journalism

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Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: Whenever I watched certain radio programs streaming live on Facebook pages of certain individual Talkshow host, key radio stations have now even gone further to broadcast both live on Television and the internet. We thank social Media for introducing the Live buttons on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
It is best to conclude that unrelated media platforms such as print, radio, TV, and the Internet are now related. Media convergence is now the order of the day as the Media becomes more interactive in the 21st Century. There is the blending of different multiple media forms on the internet for purposes of delivering a dynamic experience.
Fatoumatta: People, therefore, demand new ways of receiving media content to where they are following the growth of the internet. In the Gambia and Diaspora Gambian, hundreds and thousands of people have access to the internet.
Fatoumatta: Since the Gambian Media has embraced media convergence and what is missing is innovation in content production. The media cannot wholly carry it is traditional ways to the online space as there will be a need for it to change its ways to fit the spaces of convergence and be interactive.
Fatoumatta: With media convergence, automatically, there is the digitalization of media content, and usually, the internet is a platform used to popularise and store the content. With media convergence, there is a need for the media to embrace new forms of content such as animations, podcasts, short video clips, tweets, photos, blogs as the Smart Phone interface is the most popular source of news that also popularises these forms of content via social media channels.
This means even Newspapers when they go utterly digital need to produce animation, video, and audio content.

Fatoumatta: Media convergence has transformed the print and broadcast media and allowed new content to emerge. The media can never be the same anymore in the 21st Century. The internet has come with disruption and erodes the media regulation laws.
For instance, the radio will be given a certain frequency to broadcast, but once they start broadcasting online, their jurisdiction increases and changes. This is the same for all other media such as Television.
Fatoumatta: It is time to revisit those media digital strategies and equip the media with knowledge in the changing environment and new equipment. The change has come and is here to stay. From the internet, we able to access content that was once tied to one platform of media.

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