First Lady’s Foundation Partners with Al Balsam International on Health Promotion

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State House, Banjul, 28th June 2021: On the sidelines of His Excellency President Adama
Barrow’s official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The First Lady Fatou Bah-Barrow’s
Foundation -(FABB), formalized its relationship with Al-Balsam International, a Saudi Arabian
organisation with a Swiss registration. The medical organisation is now working on supporting
the First Lady’s Foundation in its strides to complement the government’s efforts in the health
Following his meeting with the First Lady, CEO Dr Emad Bin Abdullah Bukhari expressed
gratitude for the cooperation and praised the support offered during their fact-finding journey in
The Gambia, which allowed them to visit numerous health facilities with the First Lady.
The Foundation and Al Balsam are collaborating to provide medical facilities with materials and
health specialist as well as working on other projects to improve gynaecological and pediatric
health in the Gambia. Dr Bukhari expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying they plan
to visit The Gambia soon to provide support in the eye and pediatric surgery fields. This is in
addition to the relief assistance already provided for the COVID-19 pandemic.
First Lady Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow expressed her commitment to raising the standard of health
care delivery in health institutions and recognised the partnership with the Al Balsam as integral
to the realisation of this objective. Her Excellency also noted that she is working through her
Foundation to provide help to vulnerable groups in The Gambia. This is in line with her
advocacy for the provision of better healthcare and welfare services for women and children.
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