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United Nations Fellows Launch International Campaign in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement

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On December 5, 2020, at 2:00 pm (GMT) global leaders in the fight against anti-Black racism and discrimination will launch an international campaign entitled, 5 Days of Action for African Descent to raise awareness about the conditions facing persons of African descent and increase support for the United Nations International Decade for Persons of African Descent (IDPAD). Speakers from the United States (US), United Kingdom, Denmark, Honduras, and other nations will share insights about the experiences of Black persons in their respective nation. Queen mother of the Bantu people in Brazil, HRH. Queen Diambi Kabatusuila and Chief of the Anti-Discrimination Section at the OHCHR Yury Boychenko, will headline a roundtable discussion focused on the human rights of persons of African descent at the event. 

The social media campaign,5 Days of Action for African Descent seeks to carry forward the momentum generated by the Black Lives Matter movement which renewed attention to the issues facing persons of African Descent in the US. By encouraging persons of African descent to share their stories using the hashtags #Africandiasporainsight and #Africandescenton various social media platforms, the campaign will create a global appendix of stories that can be accessed by stakeholders, lawmakers and researchers.

Members of the 2018 class of the United Nations Fellowship Program for persons of African descent will speak about barriers they face in their respective nations. Law student and activist Mary Consolata Namagambe will share her experiences with racism in Denmark. “Racism can take many forms in Denmark, from awkward stares to overtly racist comments on the radio. Sadly the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse,” says Namagambe who is also CEO of She for She an organization that produces reusable pads in Uganda, and endeavours to empower young girls and women. “Healthcare remains inaccessible in my community,” said Edwin Alvarez Norales, a member of the Garifuna Community in Honduras. “We must pay attention to what is happening outside of our respective borders. We have much to learn from each other’s struggles” added Alvarez Norales, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Organization of Ethnic and Community Development.

Highlights from the International Decade of Persons of African Descent (IDPAD) will take centre stage during the roundtable discussion. A team of moderators from Jamaica, Canada, United Kingdom and the Philippines will guide the discussion which will consider how the IDPAD’s organizing themes of recognition, development and justice can be used to address pressing concerns such as racial poverty, profiling and access to services. The contributions of persons of African descent will also be highlighted by panellists.

The event will be hosted online and is open to all members of the public. Registration is free. 

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