Former Prison DG Accuses Guards Of Punishing Inmates For Throwing ‘Bad’ Food

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

David Charles Colley, former Director General of The Gambia Prison Services (GPS), has told the Truth Commission that prison officers working under him would normally punish inmates anytime they throw away their food unwillingly.

“I do sometimes punished inmates, but in most instances it was the prison officers who normally punished the inmates anytime they throw away their food unwillingly,” David Colley said.

Colley 62, has made these revelations at Dunes Hotel in Kololi, while testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission TRRC.

“Who was in charge of the prison as far as you know,” quizzed Lead Counsel Essa M. Faal.

“Yes! I was the one in charge,” replied David Charles Colley.

“Who was giving you directives as the Director of the Prisons,” Lead Counsel Faal asked.

“I was directly receiving commands from the NIA boss stationed at the State House,” said Colley.

When asked about the name of the NIA boss stationed at State House, whom he claimed to forget but described him as a visually impaired person. He said he feared for his own life that was the reason why he could not stopped the NIA operatives and Junglers’ from entering the prison.

“I do not know the ‘junglers’ in person because it was never written on their uniforms to indicate they were junglers. I normally saw the PIU officers wearing black-black uniforms entering the prison to carry out their activities. The agency themselves would later informed me the following day that Mr. so and so was being whisked away by them,” Ex-Prison DG Colley said.

 He added: “I am not scared. I never said the junglers were directly receiving commands from former President Yahya Jammeh. No, I did not say that. I don’t know who must have put that portion in my statement.”

The witness denied the existence of the junglers, noting that unidentified agents would come to the prisons to take away inmates and he could not do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile prison DG said the former Interior Minister has not directed him to torture prisoners neither the alleged murder of Baba Jobe.

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