Fortune United Should Have Been The Second Division Champions, Says Coach Jane Joof

Mamos Media

By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh

He stated they he will never allow the Committee to repeat what they did to him in the 2nd Division, adding that he was banned for 13 games.

“I have been keeping silence but enough is enough. I will never forgive those responsible for my ban and suspension. Some fixtures weren't conducive for us but our plea fell to defeat ears. The play-off is one of their dirty games, they never mention it in any of their letters that the play-off will have finals. They sit until the eleventh hour and alerted us. I bear honoring their fixtures because if you don't you lose points. Imagine the clubs we played against in the play-off , there was a big gap because we had 13 points and 10 points marginal. Therefore the play-off having a final is wrong, a late decision they took which I think consultations would have worked. They really spoilt the spirit of the Second Division, everything was bad, people were crying all over. I can say it loud that we Fortune United should have been the champions of the Second Division, it was hard. I thank the West Coast Region, where everything started and I am thanking everyone connected to Fortune United,” he concluded.

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