FPAC saves over D77 million on 2022 estimate budget

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Finance and Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly (FPAC) on Saturday revealed that it has deducted a sum of D77.9 million from the Estimates Revenue and Expenditure for the Fiscal Year 2022 tabled by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Mambury Njie on Monday 18 October 2021.

Tabling the committee’s report to Parliamentarians, Alhajie Mbowe Vice Chair of FPAC disclosed that a total reduction of D5 million was made from the budget of the Office of the President and re-allocated to the office of the Vice President under the Social Safety Net Project as government’s contribution.

He added that under the National Assembly, a sum of D19 million was reduced from vehicles and distributed by adding D10 million to the revolving loan scheme and D9 million to allowances.

According to Mbowe, a total reduction of D36 million was made on the judiciary’s submission while the IEC budget was adopted as submitted.

The FPAC’s vice chair added that as for the National Audit Office, a total deduction of D20 million was effected from the overall submission made.

“Under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, a total deduction of D20 million was made from the D40 million estimated for construction of an office building while the remaining balance of D20 million was reallocated to enquiry contribution to international organizations,” he further said, adding that, as for the Ministry of Defense, there was no reduction on the budget as the committee recommends the augmentation of the operations budget of Gambia Armed Forces.

The committee under the Ministry of Interior, he said, recommends for deduction of the Maintenance and Furniture budget lines to support Training, Consultancy and Miscellaneous Office Expenses and also recommends the improvement of certain budget lines for agencies under the ministry.

He said the select committee requests for extra allocations for purchase of vehicles and maintenance of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s website.

However, Mbowe said under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the committee made a total reallocation of D7 million to other budget lines within the same ministry while an allocation of D25 million for the Ministry of Agriculture was recommended by the committee for the five subvented institutions under the ministry.


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