Gambia: Agric minister OJ Jallow debunks allegations

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The minister of Agriculture, Omar Amadou Jallow, has debunked recent allegations made against him by a Gambian online media that he illegally sold an expired fertilizer to one Senegalese businessman, Momodou Dibba.

Speaking at a press conference held at his Banjul office, O.J. state: “I was away on an official mission; it happened that some online media published some treacherous, misinformed and unjustified allegations against me in relation to the issue of the expired fertilizer in different stores around the country.”

Minister Jallow denied of signing any contract with a Senegalese businessman, Momodou Dibba for the sale of the fertilizer for financial reason.

He described the report as unfounded, malicious and defamatory.

“I have never been involved in this whole transaction, nor signed a contract; or knew when the contract was signed. I know nothing about this contract. The process of the fertilizer started in 2009 when it was not imported in the country and found unfit for usage. Some of the people responsible for the importation were arrested and detained.” he explained.

Jallow recalled that in 2014, the process to discuss the fertilizer started, saying he could not understand how he can be associated with the process that started since 2014 and that he was never contacted, nor aware of the contract.

He added that, eight months ago, State Intelligence Services (SIS) launched an investigation into the fertilizer saga and when they came to his office, he told them categorically that he was never informed, nor involved in the whole process of the fertilizer issue.

“I want the publishers to come forward with a proof that I signed the contract and also provide evidence for financial gains I got from this contract” he added.

The Agric minister thus threatened to sue the online publishers for what he called false publication.

He stressed that in this new dispensation there is need for all professionals and institutions to leave up to expectation and to be governed by high ethical standards, especially after going through very serious and difficult times in the former regime.

On the contrary, he lamented that “we are witnessing now is people coming again to put us and our families through more stressing and difficult situations. I have never been part of any signing and I never knew Momodou Dibba. So whosoever have evidence should come forward for us to see.”

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: The Point newspaper

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