Gambia: Blatant Plunder Of Public Money By Mamburay Njie

Mamos Media

By Madi Jobarteh

The Minister of Finance said over this short period of the outbreak of the pandemic he has allocated 1.2 billion dalasi through virement! The first was D500M to the Ministry of Health and the second was D734M for food aid!

All of this was done without going through the constitutional and legal procedures laid down. The Constitution is clear that when the budget is approved any other money that is to be used and which was not budgeted would require a supplementary appropriation.

Or unless if there was a Contingencies Fund which the Government would use without needing parliamentary approval since it would have been the National Assembly itself that would have made that allocation to Government in the first place. So far we don’t have a Contingencies Fund!

Remember there was no funds allocated for Coronavirus at the time of approving the 2020 budget because there was no Corona!

The Public Finance Act states further that when there is a situation that fundamentally affects the social and economic well-being of the country the Minister of Finance will do a revised budget to present before the National Assembly for approval! The Finance Minister has not done this either!

But now this Finance Minister went ahead to vire 1.2 billion dalasi just like that in total contravention of the Constitution and the Public Finance Act!

Listen to the honourable NAMs one by one making it quite clear that his actions are illegal!

Of course Mamburay Njie flatly refused to accept the fact but continued to beat about the bush just to cover up his criminality!

I hereby, once again, call on NAMs to invoke Section 75 of the Constitution to sack Mr. Mamburay Njie for inefficiency and violation of the Constitution and for undermining our economy!

These violations constitute an economic crime for which Mamburay Njie should be charged and prosecuted for economic crimes!

If NAMs fail to do this then they are equally complicit in the defrauding of the Gambian people for which they must be held accountable for failing in their duties!

NAMs must ensure utmost accountability of the Government. That is the primary function of the National Assembly. Without that oversight function then the floodgates of corruption, plunder and bastardization of our country will be legalized, legitimized and encouraged. #NeverAgain

Sack and prosecute Mamburay Njie! Now.

For The Gambia Our Homeland!

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