Gambia: Break The Mafia Cartel Within Civil Service

Mamos Media

By Dabakh Malick

Government MUST be serious, firm and assertive in combating corruption and corrupt practices within the civil service. Until we stop defending family, friends or close associates who are engaged in corruption and corrupt practices then we have no moral authority to call out anyone or lecture anyone about corruption.

You call out government for not fighting corruption, now they are picking on such people is all of a sudden a problem.

Manjang as MD of SSHFC which ticks him to be a Board Chairman of Gam Petroleum, where is it alleged that millions of public funds have been pocketed by a particular staff. That alone is enough reason for him to be fired, for overseeing a corrupt institution without holding its Management to account.

I have always call out this government for the slow pace and lack of will to go heavy on corrupt public officials, it’s clear for all to see their way of life doesn’t commensurate their official salaries.

Manjang as MD of SSHFC sold an agenda of being a reformist with series of austerity measures which hits almost everyone except his personal benefits as an MD, if the final investigative report comes out to point out that the allegations at Gam Petroleum are true. They don’t need to redeploy anyone but fire and prosecute them all and do everything possible to recover the stolen funds by any means neccessary.

Call them out even if they are family, they are nothing but bunch of thieves stealing from the ordinary citizens who struggles to put three square meals on the table, President Barrow MUST take on the fight against corruption seriously or history wouldn’t be proud of you and your government.

Bunch of greedy unpatriotic criminals.

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