Gambia: Does President Barrow Makes Best Use Of His Flat Screen TV At The State House?

Mamos Media

By Alieu Gako

I was wondering if our President actually watch Proceedings of the National Assembly to see how his current Finance Minister who was found culpable by Janneh Commision for Financial Malpractice exhibits incompetency during his appearance at the NA PAC Committee.

Public Accountability through Legislative Scrutiny just Manifested in today’s National Assembly Proceeding that Mr Mamburay Njie is a Bad Model for Good Governance and Rule of Law

Thumbs up to the current National Assembly Public Accounts Committee whose oversight function is to scrutinize government expenditure to ensure full compliance with authorise expenditures for the continue efforts they are doing to expose the criminality of our Finance Minister.

I cannot believe that Mr Njie willfully and intentionally negated a full constitutional obligations. How can you withdrew full 500 or more millions from the Consolidated funds without given preference to the Constitution and the Annual Appropriation Act 2020 the very documents which established and approved such funds? Was criminal Njie not aware of Section 151 on the Withdrawal from the Consolidated funds?

Seriously, why is it so hard for this government to respect our laws and procedures when dealing with matters of Public Expenditure? Is this how we are going to allow ourselves to be govern?

Just few years President Kagame sacked Dr Gashumba following “a series of habitual gross errors and repeated leadership failures and his Education Minister was sacked for received bribes but our president is busy eating Chickens, sleeping and snoring while his jungular minister derails our hopes. Section 75(1) has been constantly manifested by our criminal minister and still nothing has been done.

Why will a full minister even thought that its normal to take what belongs to the Public without following legal procedures? Like seriously?

I swear to God we Gambians have to remove this government through election or demonstration. This is not a government. These are group of thieves. They all know the president knew nothing that is why they do whatever they want. Section 160 of the Constitution and the Audit Act place an obligation on Audit Office to check all these nonsenses and recommend to the Police for investigation and prosecution. But will it happen under such a thievery government? And we all expect strong institutions when those task with such enforcements are all accomplices to all criminality.

Mafia government will only breed mafia results.

Thank you the PAC. We are proud of you.

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