Gambia: GAP Debunks Statement Made By Bunja Darboe

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The Gambia Action Party (GAP) has debunked the statement made by Bunja Darboe against the Party Flagbearer, Rtd General Lamin Bojang as false and baseless allegations.

Bunja Darboe, a senior military officer of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has told the military turn politician, General Bojang to shut his mouth if has nothing to say.

Below is the GAP press release:

Quote; “Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future”. Jomo Kenyatta

Bunja Darboe’s reaction towards the interview of RtD General Lamin Bojang, the Flag Bearer of GAP on Standard Newspaper with outrage and discontent. Unfortunately, the points Mr Darboe argued in his write up were mainly aimed to dent the image of Hon. Lamin Bojang and are false and baseless. Despite the interview was on record which serves as evidence, Hon. Bojang did not mentioned any ex-convict, but Mr Bunja Darboe’s reactions has clearly identified him being an ex-convict and reinstated into the Armed Forces because his name was never mentioned. Wisdom and knowledge are of different category, and Bunja cannot understand why ex-convict must not be reinstated into the Armed Forces. Therefore this rejoinder on behalf of the Presidential Candidate of GAP, must enlighten Bunja Darboe about the rationale why ex-convict should not be reinstated into the Armed Forces. Hon. Bojang holds no issues with any officer who was once incarcerated, holds the Armed Forces so dearly and had very good working relations with most of them and he also acknowledged that most of them are competent and good officers. The reasons why discipline is highly cherished and embraced in the Armed Forces is to enable ease of command and control as it is explained here for Bunja to understand better.

First and foremost, the reaction of Bunja Darboe to the interview of Hon. Bojang spoke volume of the type of officer he is. The self made ex-convict said that the Rtd General Bojang is indiscipline, should shut his mouth, arrogant and rude. However, Bunja Darboe failed to understand that serving members of the Gambia Armed Forces cannot attack a political figure or civilians in the manner he conducted. Not knowing to many people that Bunja Darboe is currently a serving member of the Gambia Armed Forces, and if he has any grievances to express about the utterances made in Hon. Bojang’s interview, he should have used his chain of command to vent his dismay. It is therefore, clear that Bunja totally disregarded the basic values and etiquettes of the Armed Forces proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is still a disgruntle officer. An example was that while Rtd General Bojang was serving, an unknown caller would call and insult him in his senior capacity, his parents, as well as threatened on several occasions but because of his uprightness, fearless and discipline reported the matter to the immediate authorities for redress. The military intelligent were tasked by DHQ to trace the unknown caller and the matter was handled entirely by the command even though the Hon. Bojang continued to receive threats on his life. Discipline officers do not take matters into their own hands in the Armed Forces that Rtd General Bojang belonged and served at the time and hope the same trend continues.

The very reason why Hon. Bojang said that ex-convicts must not be reinstated but never did he said, they’re not competent. Hon. Bojang alluded to the fact that reinstatement of ex-convicts into the Armed Forces compromises discipline and fundamental values of the Armed Forces. It is clear that Bunja Darboe will not understand this hence his lack of discipline, short temperament and very bad attitude towards seniors. If members of the Armed Forces knew that when they attempt to over throw legitimate governments through the barrel of the gun and after their sentence they will be reinstated into the forces they served before their crimes then coup d’etat will become a normal activity for members of Armed and Security Forces. Again it will affect immensely command and control of troops. So, with all the military knowledge Bunja claimed to possessed doesn’t understand the reason not to reinstate ex-convict into Armed Forces serves as a deterrent to enhance and promote obedience and discipline? You see it flatters good Gambians your denial and failure to recognize the reality that coup d’etat cannot be justified. Even during his testimony at the TRRC which should have served as basic lesson and wake up from his illusive mentality, despite being shamed and ridiculed before the nation. No serving member of the Armed and Security Forces has the moral or legal right to attempt to over throw or over throw a democratically elected government no matter what.

To report that the former President is the Godfather of Hon. Bojang is not only false but equally revealed your inability to utter the truth. As the Public Relations Director of GAP, the world can attest that Hon. Bojang did not subscribe to such believe hence he preached and acted justly throughout his professional careers. You falsely accused by saying that Hon. Bojang was promoted based on his relationship with the former president which is a blatant fabrication cognizant of the fact that the two did not know each other prior to Bojang joining the military. They had not known each other before he joined the army unlike you who served under him for many years. Again, no one will believe your malicious allegations because the General served the Armed Forces and Gambian people diligently. We remembered as if it happened just today when during one of the senior officers meetings chaired by late CDS Cham and as a Secretary during that meeting and after his interventions you incriminated him to the oval office just to see him sacked. Your grudge against Rtd General Bojang was not hidden and yes it is true when you live in a glass house you must not throw stone. If the Rtd general allows me, Gambians will know why you are on a witch hunt.

His promotions were merit base and not bargained maybe like yours. He joined the military after the completion of College as a State Registered nurse (SRN). The Armed Forces that Hon. Bojang served composed of highly motivated, inspired, disciplined, obedient and dedicated men and women until today. His abrupt departure also left a huge vacuum that irrelevant officers like you cannot fill. It is rather unfortunate that some of you are still in the Armed Forces of the Gambia. The Rtd General will continue to protect this Armed Forces and we will see an Armed Forces under GAP led government not only well trained but highly equipped, motivated and discipline. Again Gambians have heard you and you will be remembered for being an undesirable element and despiteful of the very institution that is putting food on your table. Gambians will remember Rtd General as someone who served his country well without fear or favor.

Let me remind you with some of his achievements whilst in the Armed Forces. It was as results of his efforts that we have the Credit Union that the men and women of the Armed Forces and yourself inclusive are enjoying today. Our officers and soldiers many years ago used to stay in the hot sun after work for many hours to beg for a lift or drive from their work places, it was Rtd General Bojang whose brain child was it for us to have Bus services in the Gambia Armed Forces. He has shown sympathy, love and values the lives of Gambians that is the reason why he attached motor bikes at Denton Bridge guards post to prevent Gambians being shot at should a driver passes without stopping so that the guards can use the motor bikes to chase the driver instead of gunning which was the only option before the use of the bikes.

Mr Darboe two wrongs cannot make it right. Anyway, it is only the wise and smart who will understand what I am saying. Are you serious you mean the General as a member of the Armed Forces should strip his status and go rebellious against a legitimate government which had the mandate of the Gambians? The authorities and powers of Rtd General Bojang were also subservient to the civil authorities. Your military knowledge and aptitude was what landed you into prison. And again no wander your self-assigned moral duty failed woefully and landed you in hell on earth. Rtd General Bojang used his military knowledge, moral standing and aptitude to develop the Armed Forces.

Of course you were a member of the Armed Forces when he was chosen based on merit to serve as Battalion commander and a position he manned at all the Battalion of the Gambia Armed Forces and a position you will never taste because of your lack of discipline. It will be good for you to understand that having a Godfather only leads one to undesired destination like in your case. You believe that to rise to the top you must have a Godfather as you alleged. Anyway, Rtd General Bojang rested his faith and hope on Allah that is why he refused to respond to your sardonic and misleading statement and as a concerned citizen that bears on my responsibility to enlighten the innocent Gambians, I took it upon myself to respond to your irrelevant piece.

The Rtd General held very high and sensitive positions while in the Armed Forces and he had led by example and made classic leadership choices which was second to none, but for the sake of clarity and accountability if you knew anything that he might have done wrong in the past like you accused please before the members of the TRRC completes their tasks you are free to let them know. But again before you go there, if the Rtd General has committed as mere as an insult directed at any Gambian on behalf of the former government the gallant and fearless General will volunteer to appear at the TRRC, willingly. RtD General Bojang is an honest, smart, charming and good leader. You envied his charismatic leadership qualities, the trust and confident the command had in his abilities. The reputation of the RtD General remains intact and nobody will take delight in debunking our heroes as the heroes only sleep but shall never die.

All we knew was that it was the same poor administration and bad leadership that the Rtd General was removed from the medical core. However, the most substantiated fact that was supplied by the authority that took the decision informed that military establishments have it that a medical officer will climax at the rank of major. So under the capable leadership of the Army Commander posited a huge potential have been noticed in RtD General Bojang and therefore decided to moved him to the infantry core. The RtD General complied to the decision without questioning and today he has proven himself worthy of emulation without regrets. We have witnessed how members of the medical core under him had upgraded themselves. The resources were scared but the general considered the welfare of the families of the serving members of the Armed Forces as a priority at all times. He had accorded to us, our families and dependents respect and concerned about our health maintenance. He is clean and decent person and fought corruption and all other odds that plaque the system. While serving at 1 Infantry Barracks, he extended help to the needy people coming from the neighboring villages to seek medical support from the Yundum Barracks medical center free.

The Rtd General is an honorable politician and will continue to fight for the plight of the people as expected from him and will proffer solutions to those problems. So for you to say that your former boss who was sacked is not the match of the general will be left to the Gambian people to judge. Gambia Action Party does not subscribes to tribal politics. Our cohabitation is divine and politician must not use tribe to rise to the oval office. There are decent and great politicians in the Gambia who like GAP denounced tribal or regional politics. It is a typical sign of failure for any political party whose activities are tribal inclined. It is important to note that Rtd general executed his duties with excellence and comported himself as required of an officer of his caliber on all fronts, he is not a belonging to any ethnic group but represents the Gambia. He is missed a lot by the majority of officers and men and women of the Gambia Armed Forces.

Of course yes he remembered as if it happened just today, but what is the correlation Mr Bunja Darboe. Just like the Rtd General also conducted selections and trained army officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces. He had invited you while conducting training for some officers at 2 Infantry Battalion and some of those officers today are manning keys positions in the Armed forces. How comes you forgot that Bunja? He’s far ahead of your generation.

The Public Relations Director GAP,
Alhaji M. Bayo.

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