Gambia: How Can Ousainou Darboe Fire You When You Have Resigned?

Mamos Media

Former military personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), Buba Touray alias “Bob” has refuted the allegations made by the (GAP) flagbearer, Lamin Bojang, who said that Ousainou Darboe, former Foreign Affairs Minister had fired him from the foreign service.

The GAP Flagbearer made these allegations during a recent interview with Pa Nderry Mbye of the Freedom Newspaper.

Below is Bob’s response with a copy of Lamin Bojang’s resignation letter from the foreign service:

“I won’t call you a General because myself as a former soldier know you and your ilks carrying this important ranks within the army are not fit to be a sergeant at the first place.

You know yourself that most of you are not eligible to be in the officer core, but I see that our military is more ceremonial than militarized.

This letter below was written by you when Hon ANM Darboe was out of the government. How can he fired you when you yourself resigned because of your utopian political ambitious. The maiden you spill your lies will be the same place where you will be butcher, you and he are both in this tribal nonsense that’s why you do not have a better place to get your mind dirty.

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