Gambia Immigration Department Launches Risk Analysis Cell

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

The Gambia Immigration Department in collaboration with a delegation from the European Union (EU) on Tuesday launched a Risk Analysis Unit in Banjul. The project aims to create platform for the exchange of information on cross border crimes and foster closer cooperation amongst African countries. The Gambia Immigration Department is among the 6th border security agencies in Africa to benefit from the Risk Analysis Cell project under the Africa Frontex Intelligence Community (AFIC). The project is meant to develop the capacity of AFIC Member countries to work and joined the intelligence analysis of crimes by training analysts.
The Representative of the EU Delegation to The Gambia, Enya Braun described issues relating to border security as a global concern. She said the proejct targets the needs for close collaboration with AFIC countries along the netire smuggling route, including the collection, sharing and anlysis of data.

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