Gambia: Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Tobaski Celebration

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

As Gambians are preparing to celebrate the Eid-ul Adha locally known as Tobaski tomorrow Friday, this year’s celebration is overshadowed by the fast-spreading of COVID-19 Pandemic in the country.

The Mamos Media has conducted a vox pox at the Brikama market from the tailors, hairdressers and clothes sellers on the impact of Covid-19.

Lamin Jaiteh, a tailor at the Brikama Market said COVID-19 pandemic has a serious impact on his business. He complained about the frequent power outage and rain to be part of the challenges on their business.

“The coronavirus has seriously affected my business and now that tobaski is here with everyday rain and lack of power from Nawec is really difficult,” said Lamin Jaiteh.

Mariama Faal, a hairdresser complained about the lack of customers and scarcity of artificial hairs, nails and eyelids amongst others. She also called on the government to provide facemasks as they did not have it and cannot stay at home.

Nyima Sillah, a clothes seller also raise her voice on the impact of covid-19 on their business, describing it as “worst year of my life”.

Meanwhile, the government has reminded public that the Coronavirus is real and exists in The Gambia.  The public is advised to properly use face masks, maintain regular hand washing and social distancing in the fight against the virus.  Stay home

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