Gambia: Is IEC Chairman Turning Our Electoral Body To Political Apologetism?

Mamos Media

By Simon Sabally

It is barely weeks since Chairperson Sheriffo Sonko was sacked as a member of the United Democratic Party. A letter was then copied to the IEC Chairman acknowledging his sacking.

So, I cannot fathom what the IEC meant by The Brikama Area Council should first Confirmed before any Bye- Elections. What is the basis of this claim? Is IEC becoming a political toolbox?

Section 19(1g) of the Local Government (Amendments )Act 2005 , reads

” If he or she ceases to be a member of the political party of which he or she was a member at the time of his or her election” In as much I have reservations towards the above amendment section thus the law remains the law until and unless its change.

Legally speaking its only UDP and Not the Area Council that can confirm the membership of sheriffo Sonko and besides the former Chairman himself wrote to the Party accepting his expulsion.

Section 23 of the Act is clear. Election should be conducted within two months of his expulsion. According to the Local Govt Act Mr Sonko is not a Chairman and under no circumstances should he impersonate himself to be one. There is a legal implications of him engaging in any business of the Council.

What we expect IEC to do is to write to Mr Sonko and if he insist then order his eviction through the Gambia Police. If Sonko isn’t happy with the expulsion let him challenge the decision at our courts like how Ya Kumba did. We cannot allow authorities to occupy illegal office. Its an affront to good governance which should not be tolerated by all and sundry

IEC Chairman stop the Politics and do your work.

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