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Gambia National Fundraiser for Covid-19 | BUSINESS & TRAVEL | Mamos Media LTD

Gambia National Fundraiser for Covid-19

Mamos Media

This fundraiser is formed by a group of leading Gambian fundraisers that have teamed up to raise funds both at home and abroad for the underprivileged in The Gambia. As we all know, the Covid 19 pandemic will hit the poorest and the most vulnerable more than any other section of our society as they usually do not have anyone to turn to. Bigger International charities and government’s resources have been over stretched to the their limits or by the time help gets to them it will be too late and no one has any idea when this epidemic will end.

Due to low wages and salaries in The Gambia, most people can’t afford or do not have the luxury of buying monthly groceries in bulk like some of us in the West. To help reduce the spread, most public, private services and businesses will either be limited or stopped entirely by the government and this will seriously affect those that depend on them for their daily survival. We all know what any parent is willing to do just to keep your family alive.

What will my money be spent on? Funds raised will be used to buy basic food items like rice, sugar, oil etc. 

Where necessary and possible we will buy basic hygiene items such as soap, “Covid-friendly” water containers for the extremely poor to help protect them from this deadly virus and also reduce the spread. Frontline nurses and eligible hospital members of staff and their families will be included in our list of people we will be providing help and support to. 

For further reassurance, we will never give your donations to any local or central governmental body as we already have enough boots on the ground to help carry out all the necessary work needed in this fight. 

Thank you for dipping into your pockets especially in such a difficult time.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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