Gambia: News Release President Barrow Appeals for Unity as he swears-in New Justice Minister

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State House, Banjul

His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has called for unity in preserving peace and stability of the country, as the new Attorney General and Minister of Justice takes oath of office today. 

The President said maintaining peace and stability in the country hinges on respect for the rule of law and allowing the law enforcement officers to perform their duties without hindrance. 

“Once again, I appeal to all Gambians to unite and be law-abiding citizens. Let us remain united. Unity fosters peace and prevents crime and disorder,” urges President Barrow. He described Gambians as “a diverse people”, maintaining that such diversity should not breed hate or hostility. “Instead,” he said, “it should be a source of inspiration, pride and strength in building peace and strengthening social cohesion. Therefore, let us stand united as proud Gambians.”

Speaking on the appointment of the newly sworn-in Minister of Justice, President Barrow said it came at a time when his government was solidifying the democratic foundations built to establish a just and peaceful nation; marked by the rule of law, respect for human rights and human dignity.  The President noted that the Justice Ministry and Judiciary sector have been playing a lead role in this direction, adding that despite the progress made so far, more needs to be done to complete the legal reform process. 

“It is a common belief that good governance in any democratic environment must always be grounded in equal rights, justice and the rule of law.  This is not attainable in the absence of a strong judicial and justice system, staffed by competent professionals under impartial and upright leadership,” the President argued, adding that he trusts Honourable Jallow will build on the work of his predecessor, and contribute to strengthening the Justice sector for the realisation of government’s reform objectives and national goals. 

Recalling in 2017 when he presided over the swearing-in ceremony of members of his first cabinet, including Honorouble Abubacarr Marie Tambadou, President said, “As a team, we pledged to execute relevant institutional and legal reforms, and committed ourselves to transform The Gambia into a fully-fledged democracy for the overall development of the people,” he recounted.   

Today, the President is proud that Mr Tambadou does not only leave behind an indelible mark on The Gambia’s legal reform programme but also made a name for himself.  

“This occasion affords me the opportunity to thank him for his selfless service to the nation. Despite the many challenges that confronted us from the outset, we have been able to weather the storm this far. On behalf of the entire nation, I thank Honourable Tambadou and wish him luck in his endeavours,” he added.

In thanking the President for his appointment, Honourable Dawda Jallow assured him of his “absolute and diligent dedication to duty at all times.”

“I, therefore, take this opportunity to assure all stakeholders in the transitional justice process, especially the victims that the Ministry of Justice will continue to support and provide the necessary leadership to ensure that the transitional justice process reaches its logical conclusion,” he said. 



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