GAMBIA – Nfally Fadera appointed Senior Communications Officer at State House

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Gambian journalist Nfally Fadera has appointed as a Senior Communications Officer at the State House. He is now part of the team in charge of communications in the State House.

The famous journalist, who recently bagged a Master’s Degree in England, was recently appointed as senior communications officer at the Office of the President.

According to our source, who is close to the University of The Gambia senior administration, Nfally has since broke the news to the Vice Chancellor and Senior Management, and is expected to start his new job soon.

Nfally graduated from the University of Westminster and worked as head of PR for the University of The Gambia until last week.

His friends and colleagues described him as a very loyal, flexible, friendly and amicable young man, who shows strong work ethics.

Source: What's On Gambia.

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