Gambia: “So-called General Lamin Bojang Should Shut His Mouth If He Has Nothing To Say”- Officer Bunja Darboe Says

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By Bunja Darboe
I read Lamin Bojang’s statement in the Standard Newspaper where he mentioned that ex-convicts were reinstated into the Army while Musa Savage and Sillah Kujabi were removed on flimsy excuses. I wonder why the so-called General is making comparison with issues that are not linked. My reinstatement and others into the Army has no link with the removal of Savage and Sillah Kujabi. Those who removed them must have their reasons for removing that you and I are not privy to know.

I am an ex-convict for the only crime to remove an entrenched dictator who happened to be your Godfather and who promoted you to the enviable rank of a General. You could never have been a general in any other army other than the Gambian Army under Yaya Jammeh. You do not have the discipline, the military knowledge and aptitude to be a General. You only become a General by circumstances rather than competence.

I may be an ex-convict to you today but some years ago precisely 1996, I was a Secretary to an Officer Cadet Selection Board that selected you together with many other Officer Cadets including Yaya Darboe whom you are today saying that he should not have been reinstated because he is an ex-convict. By the time you were selected as a fresh Officer Cadet, I was already a Lieutenant. You must have forgotten so soon.

I am also part of the Recruitment Board that selected you into the Army. You were then a medical nurse and after the recruitment, you were posted to the Army Medical Unit. I know the reason why you were removed from the Army Medical Unit. So if you leave in a glass house, do not throw stones.

Those who reinstated me and others were well informed that we are patriotic and competent officers whose only crime was an attempt to remove a ruthless dictator who had suppressed the Gambian people by inflicting in them fear of assassination, unlawful detention, imprisonment and forced disappearances and exile. You the so-called General had condoned all this brutal excesses by continuing to work with Yaya Jammeh until he promoted you to a rank of General. You’re one of the dangerous enablers of Yaya Jammeh while he continued to kill and maim Gambians under your very nose with full knowledge. The Barrow government should have sacked you the moment they took over because you are remnants of the hegemony of Yaya Jammeh. Even when President Barrow magnimously left you to continue to serve in the foreign service, you still betrayed him and joined a political party. That simply shows that you’re not trustworthy. You do not have the moral upright to contest for presidency in this country. You will be worst that Yaya Jammeh and all his enablers combined because you are still very arrogant and pompous. My advise to you is keep your mouth shut because you have nothing to tell or give to the Gambians.

General Masanneh Kinteh is by far better than you in all aspects. You may criticise him as you wish but he is never your match and will never be your match. How can you accuse Masanneh Kinteh of tribalism when you very well know that the only person who has manifested and truncated tribalism in the Gambia in both words and actions is your Godfather, Yaya Jammeh whom you had diligently served until his exit from power. Why did you not talk at that time about tribalism and you only have the guts to talk about it now just to gain political points. That shows that you’re a political novice. Chai Gambia! May Allah protect us from some of these unscrupulous politicians and their evil machinations.

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