‘Gambia to save about D100M from Nigeria crude oil offer’

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Amadou Sanneh, former minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and a prominent personality in the United Democratic Party (UDP), during a rally in Gunjur on Tuesday revealed that the government of the Gambia will make a profit of about 100 million dalasis on oil sale from the Nigerian government.

“The Nigeria government has recently given 2 million barrels of crude oil to be lifted by The Gambia but upon trying to hide it from the people, the government eventually gave the contract to a company called Sahara to remove it and do the selling for them,” he claimed.

“In 2016 we thought we were looking forward to a transformed Gambia and a foundation of development but that is not the case, instead we came to see a Gambia from the frying pan to the fire,” Sanneh said.

“We laid a foundation and during the change of government, there was a time that the heavy fuel oil that National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) used to run their generators was about to finish in two weeks and there was no money at the time.

“During the said time Jammeh’s government failed to pay up a loan they took from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), so the IDB had to stop their project as well as stopped their disbursement,” he went on.

As a result of the above, Sanneh said, they thought it wise to come with solutions so that the country would not go off electricity, adding that they made some engagements and the World Bank came to the country’s rescue by giving it funds which were added to our domestic resources to solve the situation.

“Over 20 years of the Jammeh regime there has never been any tender done by them that was transparent, so during the course of the work, we made our tender and it was won by Alhagie Conteh, a businessman out of merit.

“Alhagie Conteh brought the best and most appropriate oil for our machines contrary to the oil that the former regime was bringing into the country. Alhagie’s tender brought down the cost to 18% and that proved how honest and transparent Alhagie is as far as his work is concerned.

“People of Kombo South I urge you to 100% give your votes to Ousainou Darboe because he has plans and targets to build a foundation for The Gambia. UDP has great concerns for agriculture and employment for the youths. We want to mechanize agriculture as well as bring in irrigation,” he pointed out.


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