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The minister of Trade Employment and Regional Integration Dr. Isatou Touray said the government of The Gambia will tackle head on anything that threatens to constrain the providers of labour.

Presiding over the opening ceremony of the 2018 Labour Day (May Day) at the Independence Stadium in Bakau on Tuesday, the trade minister emphasised the importance of labour workers, saying this year’s theme: ‘Expectation of Workers In The New Gambia,’ resonates the current status qua.

“The government will tackle head on anything that threatens to constrain the providers of labour to occupy their rightful position in the country’s development process,” she said, adding they are the bedrock of its very existence.

“It is in this regard that the government of The Gambia continues to advocate industrial harmony at work places and better conditions of services to enhance better service delivery.”

Minister Touray said the theme is indeed appropriate as it calls for concerted efforts to bring to force the aspiration of workers in the New Gambia for the realisation of their dreams.

She said the government will therefore continue to allocate resources to human capital formation to enable the availability of a healthy and skilled labour force industries as well as enhancement of employability and employment of labour both in formal and informal sectors of the economy.

The employment minister was, however, quick to note that the enhancement of employability and employment is a collective enterprise in which everyone has a role to play citing that availability of abundant, healthy, skilled labour of industries can only contribute significantly to the country’s socio-economic prowess if it is disciplined in respect of universally accepted work ethics, professionalism and amiability to negotiation when aggrieved on accounts of bad working conditions.

“A disciplined workforce is a potent tool factor with respect to foreign direct investment which the country must continue to lure to spur its industrialization and integration into global economy. The Gambia needs that,” she said.

Dr. Touray said dialogue is key in solving industrial resolutions while she reiterated the government’s commitment to creating a level playing field.

She said the new government under President Barrow’s leadership is sensitive and responsive to the current situation the labour force is facing which she said they have inherited but want to rectify.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Trade Minister Touray
Culled from The Point newspaper 

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