Gambia: Wood Business Faces Looming Crisis

Mamos Media


The Wood Business in The Gambia has for the past months, been facing growing constraints amidst ECOMIG forces interventions at Kembujeh, Brikama West Coast Region seizing trucks of woods entering into the country.

A season wood trader Alieu Susso, said the wood trade has been facing perennial problems, with heavy imposition of fines by Senegalese soldiers. He said the wood trade contributes significantly to the socio-economic drive of the country. He has made these remarks recently during an interview with MAMOS MEDIA.

“During 2016 to 2017 the logs which where seized at Kembujeh where taken to Senegal. This cost many Gambian wood business men and women in debts forcing them to sell what ever properties they have in their possession in order to be debts free. With so many obstacles, many have managed to bring woods into the heart of Kombo. The Senegalese soldiers fixed a price for any vehicle carrying woods that wants to cross through Bwiam, with an amount of D10, 000 must be paid if they have to let you go” he revealed.

The wood trader described Barrow’s regime as a failed government, adding that the wood trade is tethering on brink of collapse.

He further disclosed that many wood traders are reeling to periodically afford their house allowance, attributing that all these factors are due to bad governance.

“Under Barrow’s regime Gambians have been robbed and neglected in all aspects of life. Many in the wood business now are struggling for their fish monies. Some have lost their compound now can’t afford rent fees. All because of the incompetent government in place, a government comprising of self enrichers with public properties”.

He fears the country plunging into economic hardship, if the situation is not resolve.

“This situation if not carefully observe will put the country into an economic meltdown. Because so many carpentry workshops in the country will be close, Gimpex will not operate normally and cements will be at standstill. Not many Gambians can afford to buy irons for roofings” he said

He said the recent announcement by the government of the Gambia to barred woods in the country, has been influenced by Macky Sall of Senegal.

“Things become more harder when government recently announced the banning of all types of woods, a decision which was masterminded by his God father. The Barrow government is disgusting and a disgrace to Gambians, allowing Gambia to be recolonised by another African country”

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