Gambian Activist Says Barrow Is Taking The Former President’s Footsteps

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Madi Jobarteh, a renown activist in the country has accused the Gambian President, Adama Barrow of taking the country down the former dictator Yahya Jammeh path and called on citizens to resist.

In an opinion piece that he wrote today, Jobarteh said he would not be surprised if President Barrow brings back Yahya Jammeh and Isatou Njie Saidy to make them Co Vice Presidents.

Here is the full text below:

“Just like Despot Yaya Jammeh Pres. Barrow is also destroying the civil service which tantamount to more inefficiency & corruption hence more poverty and waste. The indiscriminate, unstructured, unplanned and frequent deployment of top officials creates instability and unproductivity in the Government. Within just 3 years for a ministry to have 3 PS is not a sign of progress! It will only create more instability, affect continuity and retard progress!

The civil service must be left in tact to operate in stability and professionalism. As the engine of growth no economy can prosper without the presence of a highly professional, stable and effective civil service!

Hence the decision to move senior public servants just because the President holds he has such powers does not mean he should do it anyway. Doing so will only harm the country because when ministries are weak and ineffective it means the regulation of industries and society as a whole, the enforcement of the law, the delivery of services and the protection of human rights become weak. That is what creates and entrenches poverty, deprivation and corruption!

Since taking over power Barrow continues to betray and delay this country as if he is not a Gambian but a foreign agent hellbent on crumbling our country once and for all. Resist!

For example instead of weeding out all of those Yaya Jammeh enablers from our public service, Barrow decided to retain them. He brought back Yaya Jammeh’s key Cabinet ministers into his Cabinet. He brought back or maintained Yaya Jammeh’s top security chiefs in our security institutions. He kept or brought back top Yaya Jammeh officials into our parastatals and other state institutions. He went for Yaya Jammeh politicians to bring them into State House for his politics.

Therefore, is Barrow not telling us that Yaya Jammeh is ok? Will we be surprised if this evening he also brings back Yaya Jammeh and Isatou Njie Saidy to make them Co Vice Presidents!? I will not be the least surprised! Am expecting that.

Even when he chose well meaning Gambians to come into his Government now Barrow has decided to send them out one by one. Meantime there are many more well meaning, competent and well qualified Gambians that he refused to embrace!

How on earth will The Gambia therefore have system change and progress when Pres. Barrow only focuses on and embraces that horrible past only to serve his own selfish political objectives!

All political parties and CSOs and citizens in general, and especially the National Assembly must stand up against this bastardization of the State by the President. We must not allow our Government to be run like a small private cartel over there. If we allow that to happen until we have a completely failed state then we must not blame this man called Adama Barrow! We must take full and complete responsibility ourselves!

Our lives depend on the kind of Government we have. A highly professional, efficient and effective civil service that is transparent and accountable and responsive is what will protect our rights, satisfy our needs, provide opportunities and deliver quality and affordable public services to us.

But a civil service that is manipulated and interfered with by a president with selfish political objectives will make our Government a cartel where it is a matter of survival of the fittest. In that case every civil servant works only to protect his or her position and not to serve the people. In that case only corruption, abuse and plunder will be the order of the day!

We saw that under Yaya Jammeh when civil servants would wear all kinds of green waramba and green haftan and green dagit and other green dresses with green head ties, hats and shoes just to be seen by the Tyrant! Some even painted their compound fences green! Shame!

We even saw how Gamtel, Gamcel or Ports or Social Security or GNPC and other parastatals funding the APRC and Yaya Jammeh birthdays, festivals and hanging Yaya Jammeh posters and billboards all over the pace. Why? Because everyone wants to be in his good books so that you keep your job. Patronage became the order of the day and professionalism was thrown out. Hence the suffering of the people continued!

That is when the civil service became dead in the Gambia! No one cares about standards, the rule of law or professionalism. Everyone was only interested to keep his or her job by showing the biggest smile and support to Yaya Jammeh.

This is where Adama Barrie is also driving the country. Resist!!!

For The Gambia Our Homeland”

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