Gambian Ambassador to US meets Donald Trump

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The newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of The Gambia to the United States of America, His Excellency Dawda D. Fadera, on January 24 2018 presented the letter of recall of his predecessor plus his Letters of Credence to President Donald Trump at the White House.

Following presentation of his Letters of Credence, Ambassador Fadera conveyed greetings from His Excellency President Adama Barrow and the people of The Gambia to the US President Trump. Ambassador Fadera observed that The Gambia and the United States are traditional allies. This, he said is based on the common values of respect for human rights, human dignity, the sanctity of life and the rule of law.

Ambassador Fadera applauded the decision of the US Treasury Department to sanction the former Gambian dictator and one of his enablers for abuse of office and financial impropriety. He said the decision of the US Treasury Department is a crystal indication of the support of the US to the New Government. He returned gratitude to the US Government for its recent decision to admit The Gambia into its threshold programme of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. 

The Gambian Ambassador described it as a vote of confidence on the "New Gambia." He informed President Trump that a new era has begun in The Gambia, after 22 years of misrule, during which, democratic institutions were destroyed, human capital decimated, the Treasury looted and The Gambia's socio – economic development retarded. He told President Trump that out of the ashes of Jammeh's dictatorship, a "New Gambia" with a "New Crop" of leaders have emerged with a vision to build a new country on the foundations of democracy, good governance and peace thus calling on the US to support the "New Gambia."

He assured President Trump of his full awareness of the rich legacy of fruitful and cordial relations between The Gambia and the United States of America. Ambassador Fadera recalled that for decades, The Gambia and the United States of America have enjoyed cooperation in socio-economic, through USAID, the Peace Corps and other American institutions.

He highlighted the political and diplomatic partnerships that the two countries enjoy and stressed that together, the two countries are strong allies in the fight against terrorism. The Ambassador pledged to work with the US Government to consolidate this valuable partnership.

President Donald Trump welcomed Ambassador Fadera to Washington DC, and stated that The Gambia is at a historic juncture after 22 years of autocratic rule. President Trump that a new era of democracy has ushered in The Gambia under President Adama Barrow.  He commended The Gambia's impressive rate of progress under President Barrow's Administration and assured Ambassador Fadera of the cooperation of the US Government in advancing the common agenda and the deepening of the strong ties between the two countries.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

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