Gambian Journalists, Support Our Director of Press Amie Bojang-Sissoho

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Building The New Gambia:

Amie Bojang Sissoho has entered the record books as the first Director of Press in the Gambia and Africa (to the best of my knowledge) to initiate and launch a weekly press briefing at the State House. This is a huge achievement for her personally and for the Gambia and Africa.

Let us all support her to institutionalize this practice and make it grow from strength to strength as her legacy and contribution to creating modern democratic governance in the Gambia. This is what Gambia and Africa need.

Some governments around the world have been doing this practice for decades. In the US alone everyday the Press Secretary gives a daily press conference which began since around 1932. The press secretary talks about all issues from health to security to foreign policy including explaining what is in the mind and ideas of the President of the US. This shows how professional and competent a press secretary can be.

Amie can do even better. Therefore let us support our Director of Press Amie to also develop the skills, the knowledge, the tools and the entire Press Office at State House to become a truly professional, competent and major institution for good governance in the Gambia. This is a new and pioneering experience never seen before in our country. Therefore there is more room for development.

Let the GPU and journalists engage the Director and her office to develop and agree on terms and procedures in order to better organize the press briefing. This way we make the Press Office and the Press Secretary relevant, efficient and responsive to our needs as journalists and to the wider Gambian society.

If Amie and her office fail then it means GPU and our journalists are not supporting her as they should.

All Hail Amie!

God Bless The Gambia.

Madi Jorbateh

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