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Gambian presidential candidate and CA leader visits Kernen

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The presidential candidate of the Citizens’ Alliance (CA) Party, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, has visited Germany to talk to Gambians living in Germany and the helpers working on their behalf. The purpose of the visit was for him to get first-hand information about the needs and concerns of Gambian refugees.

In spring, he was contacted by the Gambian refugee association, a group of Gambian refugee supporters from Germany and the rest of Europe, and asked to mediate after a planned peaceful demonstration in Gambia was banned.

The contact between Dr Ceesay and the Gambian refugee association has existed since 2018, when the presidential candidacy was not yet an issue. Since then, he has been advising and supporting this group when it comes to drawing the attention of the Gambian government and society to grievances and reminding them of their responsibility for causes of flight and refugees.

The visit of the presidential candidate was a chance for the Gambian refugee association to finally meet their mentor in person. For the Gambians, however, it was also an opportunity to get a concrete picture of the candidate by asking critical questions. It should be mentioned that Gambians living abroad cannot vote in the next elections. Therefore, the young people appreciate all the more that Dr. Ceesay takes the time for them.

Many of the Gambians who fled during the dictatorship and who are now working in Baden-Württemberg, completing their education and trying to earn their own income, feel unjustly treated and threatened by Baden-Württemberg’s deportation policy.

On the one hand, the meetings were intended to listen to the concerns and needs of those affected, and on the other hand, approaches for cooperation between Gambia and Baden-Württemberg were also discussed with the politician.

Kernen was the starting point for visits to Nürtingen, Heidelberg, Weil der Stadt and places in the Esslingen district (e.g. Wendlingen and Neckartenzlingen) that Dr. Ceesay visited during his short visit.

Dr. Ismaila Ceesay’s talks with helpers and refugees were usually organised individually in small groups (Corona-compliant) in and around the various refugee shelters. With this form of meeting, he continued the closeness to the people that he also cultivates in The Gambia.

A Gambian is a Gambian regardless of your geographical location our party leader believes.

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