Gambian refugees in Germany set to demonstrate tomorrow despite Gov’t’s clarifications

Mamos Media

By Bintou Jatta

Despite the press release from the Gambia Government and
another release from the German Government's Refugee
Council in Baden-Württemberg , both of which clearly indicated
that there is no deportation agreement signed between The
Gambia and Germany, Gambians refugees are still insisting
that they will hold a peaceful demonstration in Stuttgart at 14:00
According to one of the organisers, Oley Touray, a Gambian
migrant who is helping other migrants with assistance from
Refugee Council of Baden-Wuerttemberg, they are holding a
peaceful demonstration on 23rd December in Stuttgart, capital
of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state.
She therefore called on all refugees to turn up at the venue.
However, The Gambia's minister of Information Demba Ali Jawo
had earlier said that The Gambia government did not sign any
agreement with the German government over deportation of
The Gambia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also issued a
press release stating that the Gambia Government and
Germany did not sign any such agreement.
The Ministry urged Gambians in Germany to avoid organising
such protest and always abide by the laws of their host country.

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