Gambia’s Commission of Inquiry to be extended to another 3 months

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Deputies at the National Assembly yesterday with unanimous vote approved a three-month extension of the Commission of Inquiry that looks into the financial dealings of Ex-president Jammeh and his close associates.

 The legislators also approved the increment of the numeration of commissioners to the sum of D300 000.

 After tabling the motion before lawmakers, attorney general and minister of Justice, Sheriff Tambedou, thanked legislators for adopting this important report.

He said a concern was raised again for him to come back and explain to deputies his reason of presenting the motion for the periodic extension of the commission.

 This decision to have a periodic extension of the commission, he explained, is to ensure that they give only what the commission needs at any particular time.

  Minister Tambadou noted that if the commission is given three months or six months, “it means we were heading somewhere; it means we are wrapping up the commission proceedings.”

 He explained that the extension came through a consultation with the commissioners where it was decided that the mandate should be extended to a further three months to allow them to wrap up.

 But so far, he said, the investigation they have already initiated will be used to help the commission in their work. These three months, he went on, would allow them to finish, arguing that if you give someone the work, you have let them complete that work.

 “It is necessary; and certainly I am happy to take all the bullets that are coming from the commission because it is from my advice to the president to set up this commission under the constitution,” he said. It is necessary for them to complete the investigation that has been initiated.”

 He said President Barrow established the said commission on 4 July, 2017 based on Section 200 of the 1997 Constitution and Section 2 of the Commission of Inquiry Act and appointed commission members.

 At the end of the minister’s presentation, deputies demanded an explanation about the current state of the commission and urged the minister to provide information.

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: The Point newspaper

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