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The supreme power and or authority that governs the independent Gambia rest entirely in the Gambian people. It is therefore essential that authority and power of the people of the Gambia be respected by all. The Gambia therefore will not surrender her values, cultures, customs in the name of condoning or welcoming a new non starter so-called democratic dispensation to please any civilisation. The Gambia had chosen self rule fifty five years ago and we have witnessed over the period that the Gambia not only has she better her conditions but proving capable and determined for self rule. The Gambia is also demonstrating significant development in building herself. The Gambian has not only proven him or herself of self determination but continues to adequately promotes civility in the context acceptable. It is therefore suitable to say that enough is enough to the EU Ambassador to the Gambia.

We live in a civilised world where people are governed sensibly. We in the Gambia noted this fifty five years ago that no authority, way of life, belief will be imposed on us by any Organisation or Government without the will of the Gambian people. On that note we urge all International Organisations operating in the Gambia to respect the Gambia as a whole and to accept us and our ways of life. As tolerant as we are, the people of the Gambia will not take it lightly from anyone, any Organisation, or any Government that has the desire to impose their conditions or ways of life on us. This is also translated through our Foreign Policy which is of Non-Aligned Movement type just to remain steadfast on democratic principles that will not contravene our cherished values and beliefs.

We are sure that if the EU Ambassador has his say in condemning colonization no doubt he will use the strongest terms to condemn that devilish acts African endured and still live to go through the negative after effect of it. It is therefore important to remind the EU Ambassador that his utterances contravened his distinguish position in the bilateral tights between Gambia and the EU. We want to remind the EU Ambassador that Gambia will not tolerate fake diplomats whose utterances scratches old wounds. The statement by EU Ambassador has provoked angered that was dampened and silenced from our national discourse.

Your statement threatened us and it reminded us the history that we are dealing with daily and as well blaming for the stagnation of the development of the Gambia and Africa as a whole. The Gambia at a crossroad will spend the next couple of days, weeks, years to argue in our homes, vous, peer groups, offices and most importantly at our political engagements to rekindle, reaffirm our unanimous unequivocally stance to condemn in the strongest terms your undiplomatic posture in the Gambia democratic dispensation. Be reminded that you have chosen conflict to compound our differences when you could choose other methods to unify us.

We call on the government of the Gambia under the leadership of President Adama Barrow to remain committed to our beliefs and moral practices as no religious faith prohibits homosexuality talk less of ensuring that their rights are reserved. A GAP led country shall never accept the any authority to impose their will on the gambian people.

At the very beginning of the Gambia Action Party, we are committed to safeguarding the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights as it’s enshrined in our legal instruments as well as DNA. The moral bearing and understanding of Gambians have passed the stage of protecting immorality. The Gambia will not support Organisations that will promote devilish and an uncultured ways of life.

We challenge the EU Ambassador to refrain from engaging the current accidental government on issues that will serve as a recipe for disaster. This is the more reasons why GAP will not relent to remove a government that mortgaged the sovereignty of the Gambian people to your Organisation. Gambia, will not succumb to any western systems that contravene our religious, cultural and moral values.
We’ll remain steadfast and ready challenge at any length any Organisation manipulating the fragile situation in our country.


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