GBA residents complain of serious water shortage

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Some residents of Greater Banjul Area are currently facing challenges of water shortage following the recent windstorm that destroyed many places, including water and electricity installations.

Speaking to various people in different settlements within the GBA, a majority explained how water shortage affected their livelihood and businesses since the 7th July 2021 windstorm.

Oumie Sanyang, a resident of Nema Su said it is very challenging for them to access water from their taps since the windstorm, adding that they have to walk long distances to get water.

“I paid D100 for each bottle (20 litres) with five gallons costing me D500 per day. Without water I cannot do my house chores. Although it is expensive but I had to pay for it because I had no choice,” she stated.

She pleaded with the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) to come up with a solution, saying many people are suffering especially the most vulnerable who cannot afford to buy water daily.

Ma Awa Njie, a native of Latrikunda Sabiji said she has a borehole but could not have access to water due to electricity problems to fill up her tank.

“Since last week neighbors have been coming to request for water but I could not assist them. My husband buys small bottles of natural water. We use that water to cook and some to perform ablution. For my kids who are less than 12 years old, I use wipers to wipe them when they are going to school because the water will not be enough,” she explained. She said the water shortage has badly affected her ice businesses too.

Malang Manjang, a resident of Bundung Bantaba said they have been suffering from water shortage for the past few months but the situation became more tense in the past few days. He called on NAWEC to act and assist all residents that were seriously affected by the windstorm to have access to water as soon as possible.


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