GDC Vindicated

Mamos Media

By Lamin E. Fatty, Mamos Tv Gambia

In an effort to set the records straights in a heated political confusion involving the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), and a former executive member of the said party, Mr. Musa Batchilly who was expelled on June 24th 2017, the IEC chairman, Alieu Momar Njie, just issued a letter that has vindicated the GDC in the saga.

The confusion is fueled by Mr. Batchilly’s refusal to accept that he was
expelled but rather parading himself on different media platforms claiming that he resigned before the said dismissal letter was issued.

Few days ago, he (Mr. Batchilly) shared a letter from the IEC on social
media claiming that he resigned from GDC since the 13th May 2017. The said IEC letter clearly stated that it acknowledged receipt of Batchilly’s letter sent to them that he resigned.

This outcry and pressure on the credibility and reputation of the IEC
is what led to the issuing of a statement late at night yesterday
stating “that the IEC first received a letter of Musa Batchilly’s
expulsion from the GDC dated the 26 June, as a result, IEC acknowledged
that Batchilly is indeed expelled but did not resign.”

It could be recalled that the GDC issued a press release on the 24th
June 2017, stating that Mr. Batchilly is expelled from the party with
immediate effect and strictly warned all not to associate with him on any activities regarding the GDC.

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