Germany detains Gambian refugees following fire outbreak that ravages property worth 450, 000 euros

Mamos Media

by Nyima Jadama

Gambian twin brothers, (names withheld) both refugees residing in Ubach (Rems-Murr-Kreisny) asylum center in the district of Ludwigsburg, South Germany were arrested last week following a serious fire outbreak in their residence. The 22-year-old twins are suspected to have set their residence worth 450,000 euros on fire. They are currently kept in a medical rehabilitation center where they are receiving treatment.

The cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown but a police statement released on Monday described the outbreak as an arson that burnt down the building into ashes.

The police statement also indicated that ‘an arson cannot be excluded, but also a technical defect must be considered’.

According to media reports, there was no evidence of suspicion against the residence but the two suspects had earlier committed something in the said asylum house which the police refused to comment on.

According to eyewitnesses, the twins had a dispute prior to the incident and one of them set their mattress on fire that catches the rest of the building. Two people were said to have sustained injuries in the fire incident. All the residence in that building have now been transferred to other asylum shelters in the region.

A Gambian asylum seeker in Germany cum activist, Yahya Sonko who visited the victims in their new home, described the incident as very unfortunate. He said all the victims lost all their belongings in the fire incident.

According to him, the suspects are believed to have been suffering from mental illness and their issue was reported to the police several times but the police did not take action.


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