Gibou Ngum & Afro Mbalaah

Mamos Media

In an historical event on Sunday 30th June 2019 Gibou Ngum & Afro Mbalaah formally launched their group in Oslo, Norway naming Mustapha Bass in the United Kingdom as the groups official father and Neneh Bojang in Norway as the groups official mother.

Gibou Ngum and The Afro Mbalaah consists of a team of Musicians and Artists Promoting Gambia’s Musical , Cultural and Artistic Heritage.

The Group has been formally collaborating with Gambia House and Mamos Media and formed The Gambia House Nordic Artists Residency Scheme In 2019 .

Mamos Media would like to congratulate the group in this historical move and extends their congratulatory message to Mustapha Bass and Neneh Bojang on taking up this honorable role within the Gambian African Diaspora Community.

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