GOVI Equips The Visually-Impaired

Mamos Media

By Sheriff Saidykhan.

The Gambia Organization For Visually-Impaired (GOVI), on Tuesday conducted a vocational training in Soma, Lower River Region (LRR) for the Visually Impaired Peope, with the view to empowering them on poultry management.

The day-long interactive session brought together youths, women and other stakeholders to strategize efforts for the empowerment of the visually-impaired people in the community.

Delivering a lecture, the facilitator of the training programme, Muhammad Lemon, outlined various techniques for the proper up-keep of poultry and small ruminants.

On his part, the Field Officer of GOVI Essa Fatty, said the training was part of efforts aimed at empowering the visually-impaired in the community.

He added that the visually-impaired had for the past several years been marginalized by the society, urging the authorities to consider such category of people in society as part of their responsibilities.

He further stated that the training would significantly better the lives and livelihood of such marginalized people.

“The aim and objective is to elevate, promote and empower the visually-impaired people to another level. These people are always marginalized in the society. You normally find them feeling lonely, or in the streets begging. When they are given the necessary capacity they can participate fully in national development. So we should orientate them about how to be independent in the society, without being dependent on other people for their survival,” he concluded.

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