“Gov’t cannot stop countries from deporting Gambians” – VP Touray

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray has disclosed that The Gambia government cannot prevent any European country from deporting Gambian citizens. 

Speaking on Tuesday at the Kanifing Municipal Council while engaging opinion leaders on peaceful co-existence and irregular migration, Dr. Touray added that most of the conditions that Gambian citizens presented to secure asylums in European countries no longer exist.

She said before the advent of the reform processes that The Gambia government embarked on, it was easier for Gambian citizens to secure asylums, but because democracy is being institutionalized it will be very difficult for them to get asylum as the reasons why they were given asylum is no more.

According to her, “the believe that if I go back to The Gambia I will be arrested, killed or other reasons do not exist anymore. So there is little or no justification that Gambian asylum seekers can advance to warrant them being given asylum.”

VP Touray called on Gambian youths to stay at home and take advantage of the opportunities bankrolled by the government and its partners, affirming that with the prevailing democracy in the country the chances of acquiring asylum in Europe and other parts of the world are next to zero.

She explained that a lot of things are being said on social media especially by people who venture into propaganda to blame the government on the deportation. “They will not tell you the truth because those countries are only deporting undocumented migrants whom we cannot reject as a responsible government.

“It is important for parents to understand that every country has its own laws that govern their country. So if these propagandists tell you government is allowing deportation, it is not true, government is only fixing the circumstances that lead the youth to venture into irregular migration,” she further said.

She described the ‘back-way’ as a very risky journey where the youth sacrifice their lives. “It is a journey where you can die and no one will pray for you or even find your corpse to be buried.”

According to her, it is a fallacy that the government is not making efforts to curb irregular migration as a lot of resources are being injected into various programs geared towards creating an enabling environment for the youth to strive in the country.

She said what is expected of Gambian youths is to take their education seriously as well take advantage of the various skills training opportunities bankrolled by the government and partners.

She also called on Gambians to preach and pray for peace and development of the country, noting that with peace, peaceful coexistence and development, the back-way syndrome will become a thing of the past in the country.


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