GP urges gov’t to recognize right to internet access on Dec 4th

Mamos Media

By  Adama Tine

As Gambians go to the polls to elect their president that will lead this country for the next five years on Saturday December 4th, Gambia Participate (GP) during a press briefing has urged the government to recognize the right to internet access as a human right on December 4th.

The GP executive director, Marr Nyang, said that the ministry of information and communication infrastructure and Gamtel must not shut down the internet gateway on Election Day to curtail the rights of citizens. 

He added that the government should support the IEC with sophisticated but reliable technology tools that could be used to collate results directly from polling stations once they are certified.

Mr. Nyang stated that this year’s elections will test the revolve of state institutions and the electoral commission to conduct countrywide elections that meet international standards as over 962,157 registered voters will participate in the elections; 57% female and 43 male.

According to him, Gambia Participate will be providing systematic, accurate and timely information on Election Day. He added that, GP’s observation of the 2021 election aims to make the process more inclusive, transparent and accountable by enhancing participation, providing independent information on the quality of the process and deterring potential problems. 

“For the December 4th presidential election, GP election day observation efforts will involve deploying 615 citizen observers on proportional basis across all the regions and constituencies in The Gambia to observe the process of voting, counting and results announcement at polling stations,” he said.

He added that GP will apply a systematic approach to data collection and analysis through the use of standardized checklist to gather information on the quality of the process from across all the regions and constituencies in The Gambia where the presidential election will take place.

Gambia Participate is a civil society and non-partisan organization that works around but not limited to, strengthening democratic governance,  anti-corruption, fiscal transparency, elections, transitional justice and rural community development.

As part of Gambia Participate’s mandate in strengthening democratic governance and improving elections in The Gambia, and a total number of 665 domestic election observers will be deployed for the election, 570 carefully trained Polling Units Observers will be stationed in the polling units across the country on election day to observe the opening, closing and critical incidents at polling stations.


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