Gunjur Fishing Centre Chairman Calls Young People To Take Responsiblity

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

The Chairman of Gunjur Fishing Committee, Alhagie Abdou Touray, has called on the young people of The Gambia to take up responsibility to become assets to society.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic takes toll on every corner and walks of life in the country, The Mamos Media has on Wednesday visited the Gunjur Fishing Centre to hear the views on the current pandemic situations.

“We are living in challenging times, as the majority of the fishermen are Senegalese and now that they cannot return from Tobaski feast due to the Government’s Covid-19 regulations that has resulted to the scarcity of fish here” said Alhagie Abdou Touray, the Chairman of Gunjur Fishing Centre.

Speaking to this reporters, Chairman Touray, called on the young people of this county to take up responsibility in service deliveries in all walks of life and stop the life long dream of travelling abroad in search of greener pastures. He added that he had never witnessed such kind of crisis throughout his entire 30 years fishing career.

“This is a test on every young Gambian as we cannot leave everything to the foreigners to control when there are young and able people in this country. If the Guineanians return to their country, we will not have bread and it is the same with the Senegalese in the tailoring and fishing centres and that is a pity on every Gambian,” he remarked.

Mr Touray further called on the young people to change their attitudes and stop the life long dream of travelling abroad when they can make a difference in their own country.

“This is the only home they have, they should stay and make that difference before allowing the foreigners to control key areas of our lives and economy,” he asserted.

Ms Kumba Saidy, a fish monger and trader who has been in the fish business for over 5 years, said she cannot imagine the scarcity of fish and the hiking of prices.

“What comes from the sea determines the market prices are determine but business is very difficult these days. We are now buying a bowl of fish for D1700 to D2400 and if you take that fish to the market people will be complaining about the prices. The young people of this country did not want to work in the fishing industry, so this is the results when the Senegalese fishermen could not return from their Toabski feast,” Kumba Saidy said.

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