Hamat Bah optimist over Barrow’s 93% victory in CRR

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Secretary General and leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) Hamat Bah on Friday told supporters at Palele village that he is optimistic that President Adama Barrow will get 93% of votes in Central River Region (CRR) North.

He made this pronouncement amid a huge welcoming crowd in CRR and the promises made by some militants who took to the podium to express their sentiments.

“Nainija is our base and we expect to sweep the polls in this district. I am very much optimistic that President Barrow will get 93% of the votes in CRR North,” he said.

Addressing his supporters, President Adama Barrow claimed that the oppositions would not go to Nianija because it is his base, saying “I am optimistic that I own your cards and I am your only choice to vote for.”

He emphasised that before he became the president, Nianija District were marginalised in terms of schools, roads and electricity. He added that his government is now building the roads, schools and electricity is coming. 

“I will build 1200 kilometer roads in Nianija if I am re-elected president in December. I will build more schools as well,” he said.

Elsewhere at a rally held in Wassu, the deputy Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) party leader Rambo Jatta alleged that the country has people called anti-progress, in which he said lawyer Ousainou Darboe of United Democratic Party (UDP) is the leader.  

“They are coming here with anger but you have to be very mindful. They said they do not want the services of the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) but it is because they do not want their weaknesses to be shown after knowing that they have nothing here.”

He told supporters that President Barrow is the right choice and he has dignity and should be elected. 

“May God forbid UDP government because the Civil Servants’ jobs are at risk if they vote Darboe, I know him because I was with UDP and he is self-centered. 

He promised that with the support of APRC in the next five years, they will make Gambia a mini Singapore.


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