Hammer Putting Food On Table At Pirang Mining Site

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

With the advancement of science and technology, the use of labour has been minimized with the existence of machines, but still the labourers at Pirang stone mining site are breaking stones to feed their families.

This reporter has today, visited the Pirang rock mining site to hear from some of the women working at the site.

“I have 6 children and some of them are going to school that I feed from my earnings here. I pay their school fees, uniforms and other home necessities,” said Ms Assiatou Jallow, a stone dealer at Pirang Mining site.

Another stone dealer, Jainaba Badjie, a native of Kabunbo village in the Kombo East District said similar things.

“We acquire portions from the community to work. If we have a full trip of the truck then we sell it to our customers and feed our families from our earnings and I have children and grandchildren”.

The young lady in her later 20s said they used to have contract or go to the community and ask for a portion to work. She said the trip of gravel ranges from D11, 000 to D12,000 and a half trip at D9, 500. She added that the rain is posing challenge to their work.

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